OMG What A Day

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Rhiannon - February 10

Wow. I feel so stressed out right now. The babies cried ALL DAY!!!!!! When one started to cry I would pick her up and the other one started to cry. It was pick up, put down, pick up, put down.....ALL DAY. Finally I said "that's it. You're going to bed" And I put them to bed half an hour early. I wish I had a shot glass and a bottle of whiskey. LOL for me, not the babies. But hmmmmmm, that's an idea.


Lisastar9 - February 10

Are they teething,how old are they now.


Rhiannon - February 10

They are 6 months and definitely teething. I keep saying that they better wake up with a mouth full of teeth soon.


kellens mom - February 11

I am just curious, are they identical? Do they sleep together? I know some twins are bonded that they sleep better that way (so I am told). I only ask because I always wondered what I would do if I had twins.


JenS - February 11

Hi Rhiannon.. sorry to hear you had a crazy day with the twins! I've had a few of those this week with ds! Talk about stressful... I would've so joined you for that shot of I hope you're having a better day today!


Rhiannon - February 12

Two days later and they are angels. They are not identical and they no longer sleep together. They are perfect sleepers now. I always have a bad day right before my dh has a day off. I think that they sense I need a break. But today.....sooo good!!!


kellens mom - February 12

Glad to hear your day was better. Thanks for answering my questions. have to be a very strong patient woman. I can barely handle two kids of different ages (dd and dh) :0)


melissa g. - February 13

wow, you have twins?? my dh is an identical twin and when my MIL was raising them as babies, she also had a 3 yr old toddler and she said she nearly went INSANE. You are a superstar! i am totally worn out by one baby! my hat is off to you!


LollyM - February 13

Wow, you have must be a strong woman to have twins! I, like Kellen's mom can hardly handle two kids of different ages! lol =) (good one). Twins do run in dh's family though... and someone in our generation should be next! Could we have twins one day?! does it have to run through the man or woman's side?? I feel so uneducated about this!


Rhiannon - February 13

Thanks everyone. I am not that strong and I try to be patient. It is mostly easy now that they are so cute and dependent onme, but when they start to talk back I might be singing a different tune. Every time I start to lose my temper I think of my miscarriage and try to feel blessed. Twins run in the woman's side, fraternal. But identical twins are just a fluke and every woman has a 1 in 250 chance of them.



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