One Boob Producing More Milk

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Missy - November 30

It seems like when I pump I am able to get more milk from one side - any one else experiance this? I work full time, nurse when I'm home but pump @ work. Any suggestions for increasing milk supply?


Christy - November 30

My left one seems to produce more than the right one, even though I nurse from both sides. Not sure how to equilize the supply on both sides, though.


Lissi - November 30

Yes, same problem! My right b___b is the good one. It produces about 3 times more milk than the left. I wish I knew what to do about it. I tried favoring the left one for a while, but all it left me with was a hungry baby and sore nipples.


Heidi - November 30

Ha ha! I can't believe you just asked cus I just got done pumping and my left b___b I got 6 oz out of and only 1 oz out of my right!!!! I haven't nursed in hours either. I was told to just keep pumping and it should help build it up but that it's not unusual for one to produce more.


Kathryn - December 1

I have seen this mentioned several times before. My right produces much more than my left. It's also about a size bigger. I too have tried putting my son on my left more but it leaves me so sore and him hungry. What hand do you favor? I have heard this sometimes makes a difference. I am left handed. It would make sence for me because when my son is on my right b___st it leaves my left hand free. I'm not really sure if that's the reason though.


Karen - December 1

Have the seem prob and had when I was pumping Missy. I am still at home and he gets full on my left side quicker than right. Drinking lots of water and milk and juices help. Making the by suck on them also helps. :)


Missy - December 2

Thanks ladies - at least I know I am not alone! I am wondering what you ladies think about this new issue I'm having - after I pumped lefty today, and after she fed on lefty, it still feels firm. I felt letdown and pumped 2 1/2 oz, which is about normal for lefty, so why would it still feel full? And Karen-how ARE you!!?? And Kodi? Write me girl - fill me in!


lisa - December 3

I had this problem and it got quite painfull being engorged on one side, as i had more milk that side i fed more that side to get rid of it, thats totally what you shouldnt do, even if you are producing more one side do not express feed more that side, our b___st work on supply demand so if we take more milk from one side it will keep producing more, just feed equal each side and after a few days they should even out, my midwife and doc told me


*leslie* - December 3

hey missy, I was in the same situation as you.. my left b___st would produce more than the right, when I pumped I will get 2oz if lucky from the left and about 3 from the right..and even though not a lot of milk came out it always felt full, but that was b/c..all the little holes in the nnipple were not open as in the left one, so milk was harder to get out. I was so frrustrated but now my milk supply is better and my right b___st is not as full (although you can still see its a little bigger than the other) anyway so what I did is I stopped pumping and tried breasfeeding only. at nighttime I would feed him and then give him formula so he would go to sleep with a full tummy. after a week I was doing so much better, 2 days ago I pumped again and I pumped 5 oz in 10 min!! b/f it used to take me about 40 min to take that much. so I think the key is to give your b___st a rest from the pump and breasfeed exclusive that should help the nipple holes open more(if that is your probem) Also I started having a bowl of oatmeal everyday and I don't know if it was coinicidence (sp) but my milk supply went up! anyway I wish you luck, I know you frustrating it can be.


lisa - December 3

sorry to be thick but whats oatmeal? do you mean porrige?


*leslie* - December 4

yes, same idea, i think that really helped


Missy - December 5

leslie - My MIL told my husband to make me oatmeal to increase my milk supply - it's an old wives tale that really works. I am able to get about 5-8 oz each time I pump. I don't give her any formula - I exclusively give her b___st milk, but I have to pump b/c I work full time during the week. I began her feeding on the left side (the one I was not able to get much milk out of) for a day and it seems to have corrected the problem. I think I had a clogged milk duct. How is your little boy doing - is he sleeping through the night yet? Do you have him on a schedule yet?


*leslie* - December 5

hey Missy, I am glad you are doing better now.. isn't it so great that the otmeal works! I was getting so frustrated with my milk and as soon as I started eating it, it was so much better. my baby is doing great, his sleeping schedule is great. he goes to sleep at around eight pm and wakes up at one or two am and then goes back to sleep and wakes up at around seven. I think soon he will be sleeping thru the night. And what about your baby? how is she doing.? gotta go BABY CRYING!


Missy - December 7

leslie - Natalia is doing well. She is getting one late feeding now - for the most part I am lucky. We got married on 12/4 - I will try to get photos up on the website soon. Email me and let me know how big your little man is!



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