One Month Olds

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ssmith - May 26

I know that all babies are individuals, and we shouldn't really compare them....but I want to anyway!! Does anyone else have a one month old?? I want to know everything!!! My little girl gets weighed next week, so I can't say how much she weighs just yet. It's definitely over 10lbs though. She was 9lb 4oz at birth, lost quite a bit in the first few days, but gained it all back and then some as of 2 weeks ago (she was 9.5 lb then). She is very alert and has been tracking objects for 2 weeks already. She also smiles a bit of a smile at me & my hubby...and it isn't gas! I feed her around 11pm or so ,then again around 3-4am, then she is up again around 7:30-8am. I think this is pretty good for now....she loves to try to lift her head up to look at your face when you are holding her against your chest, and when i am sitting down holding her like that--she pushes herself up on her legs for a few seconds at a time. Very funny! I'd love to hear about your little ones.....


Ginny - May 26

Your baby sounds alot like mine! She's 4 mo now, but she weighed 12 lb at her 1 mo check up, after being born at 9lb2oz. She loved looking at peoples faces. So cute and alert! Trust me, it only gets better. A couple of weeks ago mine started laughing! I have become an idiot to try to get her to laugh some more!


SarahB - May 26

My son is only 3 weeks and I am amazed at how much he has changed in that short of time. He also was 9lb 5oz at birth and I cant wait to see what he weighs at his 1 month (not until the 6th). He lost about 4oz in the beginning but had gained up to 9lb 6oz at 2 wks. My son has started tracking objects as well, but only sometimes. What I really love is he is starting to mimic me, if I am playing with him and I stick out my tongue, he'll do it back. It is the cutest thing Ive ever seen. He also likes to look at faces when you hold him upright on your chest and he loves to push off with his legs. He moves around constantly in the crib scooting himself with his legs. Also in the last day or so he has started to roll from his tummy on to his back. He hasnt done but maybe 5 times and he has to be real tired of being on his belly to do it though. Your dd seems to be on a real good feeding schedule though. My ds sometimes goes forever at night and sometimes only 3 hrs. Last night though he ate at 9 pm and wasnt awake again to eat until 4 am. It totally freaked me out I woke up and saw the time and went to make sure he was still alive. Can you tell I'm a 1st time mommy or what?


austinsmom - May 26

oh you made me laugh GINNY I too make an idiot out of myself trying to get my lo to laugh.....SSMITH you are gonna love it when yours starts laughing....betcha do everything to try and get her to smile too huh? It is so wonderful to be a mommie........SARAHB I am a first time mom too and have way more than once ran to the crib and touched my lo to make sure he is still in the land of the living lol.....when mine was one month old (now going on 5 months) he did the strangest thing......we had him on the couch and me and hubby went into kitchen then when we came back into livingroom and were talking on the otherside of the room my lo somehow turned his head I guess to the sound of our voices and he looked so odd with his body turned one way and his head turned the kinda scared me for a second lol they are so flexable our little sweeties.....


Suzanne - May 26

My son was born April 24th. He was 7lbs 12 oz at birth and we went to the doctor last week and he now weighs 11lbs 5oz. Piggy! He smiles like 4 times a day. He wakes up all night long to eat - at 11, 1:30, 3:30 and 6 so you have it made with your baby! He has just started making noises like "umm umm ummm" when he eats and tries to coo. He is very strong and gets mad if you take his bottle out to burp him but other than that he is content except when he farts! LOL. I am a first time mom and scared to death about everything. I get no sleep because I am always going to check on him. I am like a walking zombie. I can't wait until they smile and laugh!


ssmith - May 26

Wow Suzanne, your little guy must be a GOOD eater! I am a 1st time Mom too, and have never been so neurotic in my whole life! I worry if she sleeps too much, then when she's awake, I worry that she doesn't sleep enough. I worry that she poops too much, but if she doesn't poop after a feed, I worry. Yikes. I guess I'd better get used to being such a worry-wart because I doubt it will ever get better! I also cannot wait to hear my little one giggle!! I love that baby belly laugh. Any idea when they start giggling?



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