One Or Two Breasts Each Feeding

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angelbebe - June 29

Hi ladies! I am curious for all you br___t feeders, are you giving your babies a little on each br___t for each feeding, or concentrating on emptying one br___t only each feeding, alternating each feeding in other words (unless they are of course still hungry and then move to the next br___t in the same feeding)? Some say 15 min on one br___t, 15 on the other. I know it's good to get them to empty the br___t so they get the hindmilk...does any one know, is that like typically 15 minutes? Longer or shorter until br___t is emptied? That is probably a stupid question since it depends on how much milk we are producing with how good baby is drinking, etc... Any thoughts?


babyO - June 29

I dont time in mins....I just make sure that he has both and then the next time I give him the alternate b___b to start with.


Rabbits07 - June 29

Through the day DS usually only nurses for about 10 minutes, so I usually only give one b___st. In the evenings he likes to nurse longer and I will let him nurse until he pulls away himself, I then try to reattach and if he is fussy about it then I know that b___st is empty and I put him on the other b___st. Sometimes he just doesn't want to nurse anymore at all, but he will usually take the second b___st in the evenings.


babyO - June 29

I actually think my milk supply is dwindling..used to pump out 16 ozs at getting only 12. I nurse him as soon as i get home, before bed and in the am but I also let him nurse as long as he wants in the evening...although sometimes he is just playing !!!!!!!


Heather F - June 29

I do the same thing, in the morning I just give one b___st because I am so full it flows faster and she gets fuller sooner. But at night when she wants to nurse longer (ussually she'll nurse a whole hour before falling asleep for the night) I will offer both b___st (30 minutes each) - when I dont offer both I alternate every feeding.


bean - June 29

I have a milk oversupply, so I only give one b___st per feeding. She eats for only 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Just fyi - my dd is 7 weeks old and gaining weight very rapidly (3 lbs in 3 weeks!) so I'm sure she's getting enough, but because she eats for such a short time I nurse only on one side to make sure she gets as much hind milk as possible.


bbelmore - June 29

James eats at one b___st most of the time, but there are times when the little piggy wants more... I have no idea if he is full or not, I usually just take him off when I've had enough of him chomping on my nipples. Had no problems this way, he doubled his birth weight in 10 weeks! I only wish I knew exactly how much he's eating, cause when I pump I can only get maybe one ounce out of each. I never feel the letdown when I pump. But he has to be getting more than one ounce, otherwise he wouldn't be gaining so quickly. I don't know.


angelbebe - June 30

thanks for your input ladies! She is definitely gaining weight and pooping and peeing normally, so I guess I shouldn't be too concerned. IT's just that I have a hard time getting her to feed longer than 15 minutes at a time sometimes, but the b___st does seem to be pretty light when she's done, so maybe she is getting it all?


Renee-Marie - June 30

I have heard that a baby is a far better "pump" than what we could hook up to our b___sts. Therefore, you can't rely on what you express into bottles to gauge what your DS or DD is getting. I actually think , if you want to TRY to figure out how much you are making, it's best to pump your morning milk since that is the highest volume you will create each day. Also remember, that when your baby nurses, he/she nurses to appet_te, so sometimes it may only be 10 minutes, and other times it may be 30 minutes or longer. We get caught in the "numbers game" when we use bottles - and thats not fair to the baby. I don't always eat the same amount of food each time I sit down - do you? Anyway, I'm not professional at this... I just think that if your baby is thriving, then you're doing something right!!!!!! :-)



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