One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila PREGNANT

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Mommy and Daddy all in one - July 15

My journey into motherhood started by accident... I had just gotten out of a relationship about 1.5 months earlier and was having a hard time moving on when my friends dragged me out to a nite club. I walked in and right away ran into a guy that I knew (Mike). He introduced me to his brother (Marcus) we started talking off and on all night. The night went on and the drinks got drank and at closing time Mike insisted that i come stay at his house because he didnt want to leave me and my 2 girlfriends in the city (we lived in a suburb about 45 mins away) we all went back to his house and hung out .... one thing led to another (yadda yadda) and me and Marcus ended up sleeping together. I didnt ever talk to him again (he was just visiting with Mike and had gone back to New Brunswick a few days after we hooked up <im in Alberta>). I found out that i was pregnant about a month later, I Mike and told him that he was going to be an uncle and that i needed his brothers phone number. He would not give it to me, he started saying that there was no way the baby was Marcus' because he was wearing a condom. Since then I have tried a few different times to talk to him and get info but he is refusing... i dont even know if Marcus knows about her and I cannot find any listing for him. When i was telling my family that i was pregnant I said that my daughters father and I were together for 1 month and that he took off when he found out about her. I know i should have just told them the truth but I had just shocked the heck out of them by telling them i was pregnant I didnt want to lay that on them too... plus some members of my family are REALLY judgemental and i didnt want them thinking less of my baby or me... But lately I have been wondering how I am going to tell my daughter about this ( i have tons of time she is only 9 months) I want her to have a father but i dont want her to be rejected when the time comes or not be able to find him... it is tearing me up inside that she will have to go through this... does anyone have any advice? (sorry i know i wrote a novel here)



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