One Year Molars

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ashtynsmom - March 1

Do kids actually get thier one year molars around one year old? My dd has been drooling, and chewing lots, but I feel nothing. She won't let me in the back of her mouth very much, so I am wondering if it is tender, and maybe she is getting her molars. She is 13 mos old. I am just wondering if the "one year" part holds true....


snugglybugglys - March 1

It really depends on the child. My first dd got her 1 year molars at 10 months old. My boys didn't get theirs until almost 2, and got their 2 year molars at 2.5. My other dd got her 1 year molar at around 13 months.


AnytimeLittleone - March 1

I dont have a one year old.. but my sister in law does. A few months ago she was complaining that her daughter was up all night because her molars were coming in.. and at that time, she would have been 14 months. Hope that helps!


Emily - March 1

Its possible. I do not remember when my dd got her one year molars, but she is 2.5 and just now getting her 2 year molars. She has really tneder gums and complains that her "back hurts" Meaning the back of her mouth. She also has really puffy skin back there, almost like a bulge, like the tooth is up, but the gum is still covering the tooth. (I was able to look inside her mouth cause she is a bit older and understood what I was doing) She had a temp one day last week too. Then she broke out in cold sores all over the inside of her mouth. The doc sais she was suspible to it cause of her tooth. It really depends on the child. 13 mos would be right in line for 12 mo molars…..


shelly22 - March 1

My son turned 1 about 2 weeks ago and he's had his molars for a while now. They've been bothering him probably for almost 2 months now, they all broke through I would say by the time he was 11 months. Now, they just bother him, he was crying in his sleep last night-so sad...


LisaB - March 1

I think it depends my ds is 15 months and has 4 on top and 2 on bottom so I don't see the molars coming real soon who knows though.


Aussie Beck - March 1

My dd got two molars when she was 12 months. I didn't even know they were there until I tipped her upside down playing one day and saw Her third molar has just cut through and she has just turned 14 months.


Erin1979 - March 1

it varies kid to kid, but they do not just come up in one day. They move up and down a few times before they break the skin. You may not feel them now, but in a few weeks you may see the tissue is puffy. Good luck!



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