One Year Old And Carnival Cruise

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sapna - February 1

ladies, we are planning to celebrate our little guy's first birthday on a cruise. we are going to the bahamas on a 4day/5 night cruise. does he need shots? will he be able to handle the plane ride to florida? so many questions??? has anyone taken their little ones on a cruise?


Brandi - February 1

I'm scared to even go on a cruise because of all the stuff you hear about them. What cruise line do you plan to take. The Disney cruises seem nice for adults and kids.


bekysu - February 1

This is no offense to you but I would never take my children on a cruise. I have been on two cruises within the last four years and I can tell you, one slip and your child would be gone! Also, check with some info about cruises and the crime rate, especially against children. Its awful! You can't trust most of the workers. You should do what you feel comfortable with. I just know that the crime on those d__n things is unreal! My hubby and I decided NO MORE CRUISES!


sahmof3 - February 1

I WISH I knew about the cruise ship thing lol. But, I have done plane travel with my kids. I brought lots of small toys (that were new to them), snacks, drinks, etc. (don't know about bringing liquids on planes now, though). Mine got a bit antsy, but not too bad. Where are you flying from... how long will the flight be? We flew from PA. to CO. when my son was 15 months. We had a layover at O'Hare, which was nice because ds got to get out and walk around before the next leg of the trip! That was my only flight where I only had 1 kid along!


Brandi - February 1

One thing to be careful about that I've heard is that cruises that are based out of other countries do not have to be up to American safety standards and most do not have to have any trained medical personal on board, so if you get sick or hurt, you have to wait till you can get to shore. Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean are the ones I have heard the worst things about. Just something to think about.


Brandi - February 1

There is a website called cruise bruise dot com. check that out


Shea - February 1

I love love love them....but I would be afraid to take a 1 yr old honestly. My mom lives in FL, so if we go again, I would leave ds with her.


Rabbits07 - February 1

If you went on one I'd definitely recommend trying to find a family friendly cruise line that catered specifically to families with children. I've never been on one, but I do alot of research on family friendly vacation destinations every year before we go on vacation and from what I've read cruises can be the #1 family disappointment if you don't thoroughly research it. You have to check into details such as meal times, child care availability, age minimums and maximums, etc. I've never suggested a cruise to dh because every time I even entertain the thought there ends up being one of those wild virus things that runs rampant on a cruise ship that makes it on the news...I figure that's God telling me, "Don't go!" Lots of people have good times on them though...just research the lines first.


SonyaM - February 1

My friend is currently on a Hawaiin Cruise right now-TWO WEEKS!!! I have talked to her once and she has emailed several times. She said her kids (ages 5 and 15 monhts) are doing great. I am scared to death to go on a cruise fro the reasons bekysu mentioned. My family is planning an Alaskan cruise for my parents 50th wedding anniversary (8 years away) and I am already stressed about it. My kids will be 13 and 10 then so I think they be at a good age.


ash2 - February 1

I have never been on a cruise, but it is something i do want to go on without the children. I want to able to relax and enjoy my time without worrying if he will fall off the ship ! I am one of those paranoid moms you talk about .... Besides, right now with all of the hurricanes, i think we will put in on hold for now...


sapna - February 2

thank you for the honest answers guys - um, the whole family is going! mom & dad, bro & family and our family. we have enough people around to take care of the little guy - so, it should be fun.


momyoflilly - October 27

Consult a good pediatrician . That is better. I don't think there will be any problem. But you should take necessary precautions and pack baby essentials properly. I have taken my lilly on a voyage through michigan lake in a small ship cruise  before. Blount Small Ship Adventures had planned really well for the kids club. She enjoyed it really well.



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