Only One That Can Feed DD

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lizzy11 - February 14

My DD is 9 and a half weeks old and for the past week or two, I'm the only one that she will allow to feed her. My DH tries and she cries, screams, and squirms like crazy and won't eat. Occasionally she will eat 2 ounces from DH and then the screaming starts. Then he passes her off to me and she eats like a charm, no crying or anything. Sometimes he can't even get her to eat the 2 first ounces. It's getting frustrating because he gets to sleep sometimes 8 hours straight while I can't get hardly 4 sound hours because I have to feed her. I love feeding her but it would be nice if DH could do it sometimes so I can get some sleep. I'm soooo tired! Why am I the only one she will let feed her? I don't think it's the way he holds her because he has tried several different positions. Is it a mommy thing? Also she seems to scream and cry more when he is holding her. I can always get her to calm down. Help!! I don't want him to feel like he is incapable of taking care of our DD. And I need sleep!! Lizzy


ssmith - February 14

My dd is 9.5 months old, and b___stfed....and she has NEVER, ever taken a bottle. I gave up trying the bottle, and am now trying a sippy cup ~~ but that isn't working either. LOL I guess I am not being too encouraging, am I?! Looking back, I wish I had been a bit more persistant.....because I was (and still am, in a way) the only one that could feed my dd. Keep your dh involved as much as possible, and hopefully your dd will get used to "his way" of doing things. Good luck.


rl- - February 14

well she could sense that he feels nervous or something maybe he is feeling tense when he is holding her most men are not that comfortable around really young babies even their own I am sure it will get better as she gets older and he feels better about holding her when he finally realizes she won't break LOL my dh got really good with ds when he was about 3 to 4 months old good luck


Ca__sJ - February 14

I'm with ssmith. My son is 7.5 months old and has never taken a bottle. I am guessing your dd will just get used to him feeding her if he keeps trying. I think at that age they are just used to their mommy's sent and she just perfers you. That changed at around 5 months for my ds. Now he is a daddy's boy!



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