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tish212 - December 3

ok I haven't had my baby yet but I figured this was the best place for this question I a packing my hospital bag since I am due this month... I packed clothes for me & dh...shampoo conditioner...lotion, pads, insurance card...robe...nightgown...socks...slippers and a take home outfit for baby....my question is am I forgetting anything...and should I pack clothes for each day for baby or just the take home outfit? does the hospital supply u clothes for the baby while u r there?


IrinaZ - December 3

Hi Tish! I overpacked for the hospital:) Ended up not using half of my stuff. For both - the baby and me. Our hospital provided the baby with the hat, shirt, diapers and wipes as well as plenty of receiving blankets (and they were a lot better than the ones we bought from Babies R us). I recommend that you use the hospital's clothes. If this is your baby, it takes a while to figure out how to change the diapers, do umbilical cord care, circ care. This way, you don't have to dirty your own clothes.


Emmie - December 3

you might want to bring a pacifier if you want your baby to use one. The hospital supplies one but I didnt like the kind they had. If you plan on nursing you probably would want a nursing bra, pads, and some Lansinoh. Dont bring anything but a take home outfit for the baby. Also make sure you bring the carseat for going home and a thick blanket if it is while it is still cold.


excited2bemama - December 3

You don't need to bring clothes for the baby to wear while you are in the hospital However you can if you want too. The hospital only dresses them in a shirt and diaper and blankets which is fine. I was so excited to dress my little girl that I brought sleepers for her to wear while we were in the hospital and she wore them all... It was so fun to dress her and have in something cute when people came to see her...Also I second the paci idea.. some hosptials give them out and other don't. I was thankful I brought some for dd.


HeavenisMine - December 3

I only brought one outfit for my baby girl, and a few pj's for myself (I am not comfortable in hospital gowns). The outfit was for her photo and going home in, they provided teeshirts and blankets (although I still brought blankets for her to come home with). As far as soaps and a change of clothes for hubby, yep one change of clothes and tiny little shampoo and soap was all I needed along with our hairbrush, our deodorants, and some socks of course. I didn't want to overpack so I made sure to use what I had. I never used the underwear though, they kept me in those net underwears for those maternity horse pads. I was like "no way are these going to fit in my underwear".


DDT - December 3

We were in the hospital for 2 days and for those 2 days my ds was in the little white hospital gown and swaddled. Only when we were about to leave did I change him into his home outfit for pics. I wish I had brought a soother because he basically cried non-stop from when he was born and the soother may have helped us both get some sleep. My hospital didn't supply any. I brought a few diapers (Pampers Swaddlers) and wipes as they are softer than what the hospital offers, and he pooped quite a few times during our stay. I brought my slippers which I loved. I also brought some pads of my own (extra large ones!). Bring a few pairs of underwear in case of bloody accidents. Remeber the camera and video camera of course...and bring your recharger (something we needed but luckily our video camera takes pics to). Bring your dh a pillow from home. Bring him some snacks for during the labour. I also brought apple juice tetra packs for myself and needed them during labour as I was vomitting quite a bit and it felt good to drink them. GL.


TiffanyRae - December 3

I brought other clothing for our DS but he didn't wear anything but the coming home outfit...which was WAY to big! lol and he was BIG baby. The two days we were in the hospital he just wore the Tshirt..which is longer...a diaper and their blankets. But you will need a blanket to bring him home in. Anyway my two things that I will be sure to bring to every birth that we may have in the future....Slippers and his binky. I had both for DS birth and I appreciated the fact that I had them. Also extra pajamas for you if you don't like the hospital gowns...which who does!!! Good luck to you!!


wailing - December 3

Hi! Congrats to u...how exciting:) I too overpacked!!! Our hospital basically supplied us w/ EVERYTHING we needed. The things I wish I had more of were clothes for myself and dh. I ended up w/ a C-Section so we were there for 4 nites. At one point DH had to go home to get more clothes for us...but let me tell u this. After u have a baby u don't want ur husband picking out ur clothes!!! God love em, but they'll most likely return w/ skinny jeans, thongs and a belly shirt haha. I still wore ALL my maternity clothes for months after, esp the first few days. Incase of C-section remember to bring pants that aren't too tight around the waist. You'll also want undies u can throw away, lots of socks u can toss as well. After walking around the hospital floor I didn't want to bring them home and something easy to wear ur hair in. I have short hair so I brought headbands to tie. You'll have visitors but believe me, will be in No mood to do ur hair!! I used the hospital pads but bring big ones of ur own for more comfort. Also, I didnt use ANY of my newborn clothes until the day we took him home. They bathe them and give them a change of clothes there. They have the soft nice onsies w/ the mittens on the end. My ds was born in June but one thing I would def bring now is lots of warm blankets and a BUNDLE ME...look at them online. We have one now and LOVE it. They are snuggly w/ out having to use jackets and coats which can be VERY c_mbersome w/ a newborn. Gooodluck:)


tish212 - December 4

thank you all so much...I was packing my bag...and afterward I realized I had no idea what the baby wore while in the hospital. also thanks for the ideas of what else to bring... I'm getting soo nervous.... I feel I will forget something....and I know all about not trusting dh to pick out anything..lol.... I have an entire pack of new socks and new underware to take then throw away....I was thinking last night about the blankets b/c it is so cold outside.... what is that thing that goes over the carseat and is fluffly and warm? and where can I get one? I have the homecoming outfit...and a snow suit but I worry that won't be enough.... (well and a fluffy blanket) thanks again.... I'm sure I will come up with something else I don't know....oh yeah b4 u went into labor did u start having regular bh a lot? I've been getting them...at 3 minutes apart lasting 4 to 6 hours then just stopping....I feel the tight pressure..and it takes my breath away...and I've had severe back pain for 4 days now...but nothing else...no pain in the front...am I getting close? and wil I KNOW when it is time...will it feel different? I get confused with these bh b/c they r so regular and don't stop with cold water or laying...but they do stop on their own eventually...I just want to make sure I will know when it is time...thanks again sorry I'm so full of questions...


Malica - December 4

If the hospital you are going to deliver at offers tours for mothers-to-be, then go on it. You can then see and ask what they will provide. They won't let you go without the basics while you're there (like if you had to rush to the hospital without having time to pack), but they may not provide all the comforts you would want, depending on where you are. My hospital did not provide much without us asking, and when we realized we didn't have diaper wipes we were given a bunch of wash clothes to use (they didn't have any disposable cloths). Most hospitals will actually give you a recommended packing list on the tour. Don't forget extra underwear for you -- depending on how heavily you bleed, there may be accidents.



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