Opinions On Enfamil

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MB - February 27

Hi All, just wanted to know if you gave your babies enfamil and what did you think ? did you keep them on it or switch to a different formula ? my baby is only 2 weeks old but he is greedy but sometimes i cant help thinking its not filling enough for him, i was going to use nestle good start but would like some opinions first. thanks.


olivia - February 27

I think 2 week olds are just very hungry, not greedy. We used enfamil for a while and had no problems with it. My dd was much older when she had it, but I never noticed it was any less filling than anything else.


Deirdra - February 27

i LOVE it. nutramgin saved my sanity!


bradylove - February 27

I've used Enfamil to supplement and it's worked out great! We actually had LOTS of issues with Good Start and had to switch....i.e. gas, diarrhea, vomitting etc...


Deirdra - February 27

P.s. not to mention we switch to goodstart b/c of WIC and that started my sons whole colic and gas problems...


eclipse - February 27

I use Enfamil Gentlease and it has been a godsend. Started with Enfamil regular, switched to Goodstart, Enfamil Prosobee, Nutramigin, etc. We've tried everything-Gentlease is by far the best and it is used to supplement and he really likes it-it doesn't smell bad like some of the others.


MM - February 27

My milk supply decreased around 6-8 weeks so now we use formula. We have tried a number of different ones (ds doesn't react differently to any of them, they are all fine). We tried Nestle Goodstart, Similac & Enfamil. I like the Enfamil because the power is finer & doesn't seem to "clump" or get as foamy as the other too. If you go to the websites for all of these formulas (sorry, I don't remember what they are) they will send you free samples so you can decide for yourself which one is best for your baby. Nestle sent me a diaper bag filled with stuff & they send you coupons too.


SonyaM - February 27

We did Enfamil with out second and had no problems. Each baby is different though. We did Similac Soy with our first and he did fine on that too.


AshleyB - February 27

i've tried similac advance, similac soy and enfamil gentlease. Ds was very ga__sy and horribly uncomfortable on the similac's. The enfamil gentlease has turned my screaming baby into a happy little angel!! I love it, it's the best. Also, I've recently found that target has a generic that is exactly the same for 14.99, we've been using it for about a month, and ds has done great on it!!!


MB - February 28

Thanks a lot ladies !!!


Perl - February 28

I b___stfeed but need to supplement with formula at the evening feedings. We use Enfamil Lactofree (no lactose). We started my 4 month old with Similac Advance but after he was screaming with gas pains we switched to Enfamil Gentlease which worked for awhile but occasionally the gas still made my ds cry so we switched to Enfamil Lactofree and it has worked wonders as far as ga__siness goes. We also tried Similac Soy formula but I stopped it because I didn't like that is has sugar/sucrose in it when Enfamil doesn't.



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