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karine - October 8

ok, no bashing here LOL, just your opinion. I Have started babysitting here when we moved in June, cause the rent was MUCh hire and i had to stay home anyways, and i had the room, and my kids love it. So i got 4 kids to babysite during the week, but it ended up that i had friday off ! yes! so i was happy, and my thursday were half days and only one child. i was even happier. but i got a phone call from a lady (i had put signs up) and she needed me on every monday and saturdays and sundays (once every two week-for the week-end) so knowing, i was loooking for more kids, and that i had 1/2day thursday and off friday, i didnt mind, i said yes, the little boy got kickly attached. Although he had his week babysitter already (so he had two). But i found out i was pregnant in september, and i also found out one kid, was changing to monday to friday, instead of only mon-wed. so that made a difference, cause no more 1/2thursaday and friday off. BUT i still thought i would be ok, as my hubby works every saturday. But it was getting hard to do it, cause i had to do laudry and choire in the week, due to not having my week-end, i would go 14days withouth a day off, then 2 days off, and another 14days not off. My hubby found it hard to, cause his days off from work is tuesday's (the house is full with kids) and sundays. and my mom is getting even sicker now, and i cant spend time with her, i was only getting 2 days off a month. i had to divide that to do all laundry, and groceries, my mom and the family, US...i coudnt anymore, so i had the gut (wich i felt bad and had hard time doing) yesterday, and called her to say i couldt anymore due to (everything i just said)she was ok with it, and it made me feel better that everything was ok. i was even giving her till december to find replacement!!!! but she calls back 2 hrs later, and she beggs me to keep him on saturdays, that she found a reliable person for sundays. so i coudnt say no. and i felt bad. when hubby gets back from work, he does remind me of how much my momther is sick, and that saturday he works, so i should spend time with DD to get her school ready for nexted year, and that this baby is due for May, so i may want to take the baby out with the kdis and go see my mom every saturday (i know my mom wont make it, by the time this baby get to school, she is too sick) and i would only be getting 15$ for that satyrday keeping the boy, i thought everything he said made sence, so i decided to just right a note, and give it this afternoon (as it was the week-end to babysite) But unfortunaly i started being really sick with diarrea all night, but i was still able to keep him, and didnt want to cancel. But 10:30am came and i thought i was going to pass out, i had heat waves and it was getting worse, i could acre for my kids, so my d sister came, wich was kind of her, she is 16yrs and very trustworthy with my kids. So i tell her ill go sleep (it was passed 11am by then) and ill try to get rest, and wrote down the routine for my kids and the boy. that was coming in a 1pm. she gave the letter. and told her that i wasnt feeling well, and that i was only resting, that her son would go on with his routine like usual (wich is quiet time for an hour as he is 3yrs, and dont get naps anymore, and my kids nap.) and that i would still be in the house. And iam positive that its not catchy, as iam 100% sure it was what i ate yesterday ! ..anyways i get up at....2pm and looking for the boy, my sister told me she wasnt leaving him, she braught him back and missed work instead!!! i was like..ok...whatever! but she calls at 2:30pm, saying she decided to pull him out all together, and that i should have called her, and all this c__p....BUT just yesterday i told her she should have a teenager keep her son on week-ends (as i was trying to find a way for her to replace me) but she complained that she was tired of them, as they were always cancelling hours before her work, so when i got sick, i didnt want to call her and cancell..what would she hae thought??? and she has known from the get go, that if ANY emergency or sickness, happens i NEVER leave the parents without a sitter, my sister is my replacement. ....was i in the wrong to do what i did, what if it were you??? would you respond the way she did??? lol thanks....i guess iam just feeling guilty!


Rachael, mommy 2 Lucas - October 8

You poor thing. That is the last thing you need right now is that woman making you feel bad for doing her a favor when she should have found someone else for her child a long time ago. You have enough on your plate with everything going on and for her to be upset with you when you are pregnant and sick, let alone how she guilted you in to keeping her son on saturdays shows that she is very self centered. You were very kind to her and have to focus on your family and yourself. Don't feel bad. You did nothing wrong. Just try to take care of yourself. She will get over it. I would have never responded the way she did if you were watching my kid. I would think it was so nice of you for having someone else responsible there to help out and I would feel guilty leaving my child only because I would want you to get your rest and get better and not have to worry about my child. I would never try to guilt anyone into watching my child like that either though, that was wrong of her all the way around. Sorry you had to go through that.


Lisa*9 - October 8

If I understand it correctly you told her in advance that your sister will be watching the kids in your home and you were there. She was just mad maybe cause she didn't get to see you too bad for the selfish b****. What kind of mother would react in this way not a caring one for that matter,it doesn't matter to her about your feelings and family,she just cares about her money and work not her kid. There are alot of parents who should not have had kids she is one of them. Everyone should play by your rules and if they don't like it to bad . Don't feel guilty for someone else bad comings,there are more kids in this world to babysit. There are alot of bad apples mixed in with the good. You just happen to be a very ripe juicy apple,who desearves to be a Mom. Babysitting other kids is easy it is the stick up parents who are the problem. Stick to your guns and remember there a more of these parents be prepared for more to come your way in the future. Parents like this want to take advantage of good people like you. Hope you feel better soon. Congradulation on the pg.


karine - October 8

And by the way....i dont think that she will find someone to babysite week-ends afternoon/evening for 15$, and on top of not charging much, i even make sure to have trustworthy replacement incase...i dont think anyother sitters would do it. i really do this cause i really enjoy it! and my kids benefit from having social interaction with other kids their age. But i just coudnlt deal with weekends and all week together anymore. its just too hard. So, she might be really mad, and maybe you guys are right, i didnt do a bad thing. i just tried to do a favour. but i can alteast say, i kinda have a probleme off my back, i gained my week-ends back. now i can go on with my regular week day hours, and make sure i NEVER never take weekenders anymore


Don't feel guilty - October 8

growing up my mother babysat up to a dozen children per day because she was cheap cheap cheap but only monday to friday . she loved it and I can honestly say she had alot of control and was treated very well but there was alot of begging for her to babysit too because she did it for $4.00 a day for one and $7.00 for a pair plus the parents had to supply lunch .



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