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Chelsey - August 30

Little Gabriel will be 7 weeks old on friday! (Yay!) He's had a busy 7 weeks since he was born, hospital stay, dr. appointments etc... Tomorrow he has an appointment for his tongue tie (getting it snipped!), and Tuesday, he has his circ_mcision (ouch!), then he has his immunizations a few days after that! I'm just concerned that I'm putting this little guy through too much, all at once! I know babies are tough, and bounce back quickly, but everytime I look at his sweet face, I feel guilty for whats to come....he's going to hate me when this is all over with! Anyone else have to constantly put their baby through agony? I feel so bad for my munchkin.....


Jenn... - August 30

Anytime our baby's feel a moment of pain we all hurt for them. It's a mother's nature. I am suprised you have waited so long to have the circ done, maybe he was born early? Anyhow of the 3 things you named I think that is the hardest to deal with. The procedure should not hurt as long as the doctor uses the anesthetic. However a few hours later when he has his first peepee it will really sting. Within days it will be completely healed. My son cried for his shots but as soon as I picked he up and consoled him he was better. He was just a touch fussy for the day, but I gave him infants tylenol and that helped. I have heard that the tongue tie procedure is quite simple but we didn't have to do that one. You shouldn't feel bad. Everything you are doing is to help him and keep him safe in the future. It sounds like you are a great mommy!


chelsey - August 30

yep, he was born 5 weeks early, and they wanted to wait until he was bigger before putting him through a circ_mcision. He's 7 1/2 pounds now, their ideal weight apparently. I have to buy Emla cream (local anesthetic), and apply it to his p___s 1 1/2 hours before the procedure. Thats the only anesthetic they use. How would you care/ clean the area after a circ_mcision? Just let it heal on its own? I know this is all for the best for him, cant help but be paranoid! He's been such a good baby, wonder if he'll decide to become devil baby for revenge!!!!


chelsey - August 30

to Jadyn's Mommy - The funny thing is, the doctors didn't even notice his tongue thingy (proper term?) was short. The health nurse that came to our house after he was born, mentioned it. Thats when I asked his pediatrician. Its a not as bad as some, but it is short, and could cause him to slur his words or have some type of speech problems. So tomorrow, we see a specialist, and he will clip it if need be. I've always been a second opinion type of person. You know, better safe than sorry! I'd ask a different doctor, because where I live, it seems more common than not! Must be, if they have a Dr. that specializes in it! Usually its clipped in the hospital at birth, if noticed. Get another opinion, and if she doesn't need it cut, great! But if she does, and you dont do anything about it, you're going to wish you had that second opinion. You know, I went through about 50 Doctors before I found one to perform Gabriels circ_mcision! I finally agreed with one whose been doing it for over 30 years! I have to drive over hell and high water to get there, but I wanted to know that I picked the very best one! I guess being a mommy also requires being thorough!


? - August 30

im sorry what is tongue tie??


Brittany - August 30

it's the part under your tongue that seems to hold the tongue in place. I don't know if it's called a tongue web or something. Sometimes babies are born with it being too long (sometimes to the tips of their tongue) and prevents them from speaking clearly in the future. My son had one, but he grew out of it as did I when I was young.


Lisa*9 - August 30

Circ_mism cleaning. Before the operation please give Gabriel infant tynelolbefore the procedure I had to do this with my boys. Look up in the phone book for Home Health Care Supplies 255-2288 662-2211 we purchased a 4X4 sterile guauses(sp) pads there and placed a new one on every diaper change with polysporin cream . You need a disinfectant cream to prevent infection. The reason why I say buy it there you will go through alot of pads. I only needed to give the tynolel for 1 whole day after. Hope this infomation helps.


Jenn... - August 30

Our pediatrician gave him a shot of a local anesthetic, so he didn't feel pain from the procedure at all. I have not heard of the cream before. I also had a hard time finding a doctor in my area to do a circ. Many in this area would not do it or would not do it until Blake was a month old...and I did not want to wait that long (he was full term). One doctor I contacted said that did not do it until after 1 year of age!!! OUCH!


Lisa*9 - August 31

I also forgot to say place some polysporin crean on the guaze a gob's worth ,don't be afraid to have too much, fold in half open it up and apply to circ_msised p___s. I usd the guazes for almost a week. The reason why I folded the guazes in half I was afraid to apply the cream right onto the p___s in case it hurt. During the next dr's visit I menchened it to him for the dr to see if it healed properly in which it did!


Kathryn - August 31

Emla cream works really well. My younger brother had, and still does, some serious medical problems that required him to get and IV every three weeks. My Mother would use Emla before he would go to the hospital. He wouldn't feel a thing. As far as after care for my son's circ_mcision, all we were told to do was to keep neosporin on it until it healed. I feel bad when I have to put my son through pain. I usually cry right along with him. The best thing I have found that works for us, is to snuggle. I comfort him and he comforts me.


chelsey - August 31

Thanks ladies, for your circ_mcision advice! I'm going to be a wreck! Gabriel had his tongue tie appointment today! Thank god he didn't have to get it snipped afterall! It is short, but not short enough to cause any speech problems.... Yippie! Now, if I can just get through the next couple of days! Think daddy will be taking the trip to the circ_mcision doctor! I'm sure a crying, hysterical mother will just get in the way! (me!)


chelsey - August 31

oh, and Gabriels big sister Hailey starts pre-school next week! My little princess is growing up!!!!!! I feel the tears coming already! September is a horrible month for me!.....My poor children!


liz - August 31

My doctor told me to put vaseline on my son's circ_mcision. He is now a week old and his p___s healed just fine. Just make sure you put enough of whatever you use so that his p___s doesn't get stuck to the diaper in between changings.



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