Oral Aversion

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AlissaF - January 19

As some of you might know, my ds has had a very difficult time with eating and weight gain. He was hospitalized at 5 months weighing only 11lbs and diagnosed Failure to Thrive. Now at 7 months, he is up to 14lbs 6oz, but still has a really hard time eating. Getting him to drink bottles is a daily challenge and I usually am able to get only 24oz into him. When I put any sort of food into his mouth, he gags and sometimes throws up. I have to feed him cereal with him laying down in order for him to be able to eat it. His dr is pretty sure that Sage has developed an oral aversion and is sending us to a speech therapist to teach Sage to like eating. I did some reading on the condition and it said that tube fed babies were the most likely to develop it. Sage was born 3 weeks early and was tube fed for 4 days because he was unable to eat on his own... 4 days at birth wouldn't have any lasting impact... would it? Also, he sticks EVERYTHING in his mouth, but has difficulties if anyone else tries to put anything in. Anyone dealt with anything similiar? Any ideas as to what to do? His dr said that Sage will most likely have lifelong problems with eating and that scares me.


Bonnie - January 19

Did he have any specific reasons for not eating?..........infantrefluxdisease.com has a ton of mommy's on that site dealing with oral aversions as it is a common problem with severe reflux. Even if you aren't dealing with reflux, they'd be glad to talk to you. :)


ash2 - January 19

Aww, sorry i dont have any answer for you , but i wanted to let you know i hope things work out for you ! I hope you get the answers you need !


AlissaF - January 19

bonnie- no, he has no specific reasons for not eating. when he was hospitalized, every test under the sun was run on him and all came back normal. I will go check out that site though! And thanks Ash! I hope I get answers some time soon too! I hate seeing him upset and having a difficult time with something so simple as eating.


lexa - January 19

I'm sorry I don't have any ideas for you. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry to hear about your little one...and I'll pray for you!



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