Organizing Baby Clothes

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HeatherB - February 28

OK, maybe this isn't exactly about infant "care", but it's really bugging me! I'm a real organization freak but I don't know how to begin on this. How does everybody organize their baby clothes?? We have already bought a lot (can hardly imagine how many we'll have after the showers) so it's obvious that different manufacturer's sizes are very different. Do you measure the clothes? If so, what part do you measure (say on a onesie)? Would that even work do you think, to separate them by measured size instead of the size on the tag? Any hints would be appreciated, thanks!!


Jbear - February 28

Once you've had some practice dressing your baby, you'll be able to tell by looking which outfits will fit. When I was sorting baby clothes before my daughter was born, I stacked the sleepers on top of each other to see which were the shortest, and put the others away for a while. The shoulder to crotch distance makes a bigger difference than the length of the legs. I didn't really bother with very many onesies, because I like sleepers at home and little outfits when we go out.


Erin1979 - February 28

Before my little one came, I just went by the size or weight suggestion on the tags. Once she got here, I tried things on to see how each fit for that size. If it looked way bigger, I'd put it with the next size up. I still find that I have to keep trying things on her ever couple of weeks. They grow so fast!


Meredith - February 28

I just tried them on, I was clueless with my first. JBear is right, you will be able to tell by looking later. I sorted them by the size first.


jg - February 28

I have all my sons clothes separated into storage crates - one or two for each size. Every couple of weeks I go through his current clothes and pack away the ones that don't fit anymore and have a look through the next size to see if there are any that will fit yet. The sizes vary so much, so I put the larger items in that size at the bottom of the box and the smaller things on top, then as he grows out of them, move them to the bottom of the box and pull the new stuff out. I don't measure his clothes, you just get a feel for what will fit at any given time.



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