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newbie - March 4

I posted last night about going and seeing my grandfather on the pray for us thread but I thought I would make a separate post about the new update. They think he said yea, and that he squeezed my aunt's hand today so maybe things are looking up, but it's not going to be a fast recovery. I asked this question on the other post but has anyone ever had someone they know have a massive stroke and make a if not full , decent recovery?


mosley12 - March 4

my great grandfathr had a ma__sive stroke. they only gave him a 10 % chance of making it. after however, he had to move into a home to be taken care of. he was living with my grandparents, but he just became to much for my grams. he ended up dying of alzheimers.i was only like 10 at the time so i dnt remember much


Smilefull - March 4

The one person I know that had a stroke recovered quite well. There's still some vestages--slurred speech--but they went on to live a normal life. I hope your circ_mstances turn out the same if not better. So sorry to hear about this newbie. I wish you strenght.


Danielle19 - March 4

a lady i use to work with had a bad stroke and after a year of therpy, you can't even tell she ever had one, I hope your grandfather makes a full recovery, and i wish your family the best


srigles - March 4

My dad has serious heart problems, and then had a stroke to complicate matters about three years ago. He still has some speech/thought-processing problems, but is living a pretty normal life. And being the stubborn man he is, he refused any sort of speech therapy (MEN!!!!), and has come along really well on his own. (If you didn't know him, you probably wouldn't even know he had one)A stroke is such a traumatic thing, especially for the family involved - I really hope everything works out for your grandfather.


punkin01 - March 4

it depends not sure of your g'fathers situation and all but if he was able to use a drug the call TPA on him he might recover but the drug has its own risks with it .....my dad had a small stroke and you cant tell it at all ...he takes high BP meds now but that is all best of luck to your g'father


newbie - March 4

thanks all, He and we knew that with the bypa__s and artery replacement a stroke was a risk, but it's just hard to know that my grandfather is laying there and knows we are there but can't move or talk to us. He had a stroke before I was born and recovered but that was 20 years ago and it was only one side of his body not EVERYTHING.


newbie - March 6

I know I'm probably boring the life out of y'all with updates on my grandfather but I just thought I would thank everyone for prayers and support. Last night he said a whole sentence. He said, " I want to go home" and it wasn't slurred like some of his other words are. So I just wanted to thank all of you. I don't know what I would do without you girls!!! :)


srigles - March 6

You're not boring anyone! The whole situation is really stressful and it's always great to have people to vent to. That's great that he said a whole sentence. Hopefully everything will just continue to improve from this point on.



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