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BusyBee - March 12

Last night, dh and I watched the doc_mentary "An Inconvenient Truth." It is about the threats of global warming. Everyone on this forum is a parent and I'm sure that we all want our children to grow up on a safe and beautiful planet. However, that is not going to happen if global warming continues. I reccomend renting the doc_mentary or go to the website climatecrisis dot net. Click on the trailer to see what it is all about. I don't mean to frighten anyone - I just think that the more people are aware, the more we can ensure a healthy future for our children and grandchildren.


aurorabunny - March 12

I agree completlely!! This is a very important but often overlooked issue. I've really been wanting to see that movie, thanks for reminding me about it so I can check it out.


SuzieQ - March 12

The media awareness is starting to catch up to the problem. We're trying something called the "100 mile diet". I'm going to try only purchasing food that has been grown within 100 miles to encourage local growers, farmers, and to reduce the travel time of my food. The fact that I have actually drank water from Norway is totally absurd!!!


jenrodel - March 12

This is a must see.... I saw it in theaters last summer while pregnant with Cooper. I would recommend everyone see this doc_mentary, it is so important. Another really great doc_mentary to see is "Who Killed the Electric Car". The website BusyBee mentioned is great as well. I think anyone who has children owes it to them to at least see this movie.


Bonnie - March 12

I just saw this the other day as well and it is excellent. :)


eclipse - March 13

I have actually switched all of our major lights to fluorescent because of that movie, and the bonus is our power bill went down 30 dollars a month-I only switched the outside ones and the living room, baby room and my light, and one of the bathrooms. That movie was really enlightening. Went to the website at the end too-very interesting.


LollyM - March 13

I haven't seen it, but I would like too =) my mom and stepdad don't even believe in global warming! it drives me up the wall!


aurorabunny - March 13

Lolly--my in-laws don't believe in it either!! It dumbfounds me. They say it was "a concept created by the democrats." LOL....I mean I don't care if you are a republican or a democrat or neither, the whole concept of blaming stuff like global warming on a political group seems pretty silly...LOL! That's just how they are though.


LollyM - March 13

ab, that's what my step dad says too. It drives me nuts because my mom believed in it and was a democrat before she met him, and now he's brainwashed her!


Emily - March 13

aurorabunny, that is so funny that is what my bro in law says, a concept created by the democrats. So funny you should say that.....


Shea - March 13

The dems are responsible for many evils, but maybe not this one...;) I don't dispute global warming, but just can't choke down watching anything from Al Gore.


Emily - March 13

I havent seen the movie either, and I think my reluntance is with you Shea. sorry not to start any debates, but I tend to go Republican. Although I am from IL and actually voted for Blagiovich the first time. Shame he got re-elected though!


BusyBee - March 13

Sometimes it is hard to get through to my parents about environmental concerns. One time I found a huge plastic laundry detergent bottle in my mom's garbage. I literally said to her, "If you love your grandson, you would not litter his earth with that thing. You would recycle it instead." Not to offend anyone, but I think that not recycling is so old-fashioned!


aurorabunny - March 13

LOL I am amazed to see that other people say the same thing as my in-laws about global warming...I thought they were just nutty, haha. Since I am a democrat my in-laws hara__s me non-stop. I swear there could be a snow storm and they'd be like "It's cuz of the g** d__n democrats!" Hehe.


Shea - March 13

AB, I'm pretty sure there is scientific evidence that democrats have caused snow storms, lol...and actually Busy Bee we don't have any recycling services where we live. I would litteraly have to load all my recyclables into my car and drive them somewhere, and I'm just not going to do that. They also say if we were all vegan, it would help, but I'm not going to do that either. I guess I'm not very environmentally friendly :(


jolou - March 14

There has just been a doc_mentary shown in the UK ent_tled 'the great global warming scam', that disputes the claims made by the polit_tons today. I've watched both, and I have to say I've been left a bit confused! Did you know that the ma__s of the ice shelf around Greenland is increasing not decreasing?, and that the larges boom in carbon emissions in the last century (up until the 90's and the ma__s inductrialisation of China) was in the post war boom of the 50's. During this decade global temperature decreased. The temperatures quoted in all the research supporting the global warming theory are ground temperatures, but it is the atmosphere temperatures that reflect the greenhouse gases, and these have remained the same. Oh, and we are always told that we are threatening the polar bears. In the 50s there were an estimated 6,000 polar bears. Today there are 22,000. These are all stats from the doc_mentary, and that I've read in a couple of newspaper articles. I'm not saying they are right, or disrefuting global warming myself (for the record, I recycle ALL my paper, card, gla__s, and where possible plastic, I use mostly energy efficient lightbulbs (although there are negatives to these too), and I use my car as little as possible), just pointing out, that like everything else there are two sides to the story. I'm hovering on the fence - I'm making reasonable effort to do what I can in case the polit_tians are right, but I'm not panicing just yet!!


mandee25 - March 18

I just watched this dvd and want to put my 2 cents in. I believe that global warming is real. We started changing our light bulbs because my mom was telling me how they helped lower their light bill. We don't have a recycling service where I live either Shea but I wish they would. I am embara__sed to say I don't recycle but really want to start and also to compost. Since having my son my views on the Earth have started to change.



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