OT Angelina And Brads New Baby

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ash2 - March 2

Did you hear that they are adopting a new baby from vietnam ? I think it is great what they are doing ! Just think about all of the different cultures and backgrounds these brothers and sisters are going to have : ) I hope it will send a good message across the world . I hope they continue to adopt from all over the world. Lord knows they have the money too !


Mellissa - March 2

I'll admit I'm not their biggest fan, but I do find what they're doing admirable. The thing that I like most about them is they don't seem to rely so much on nannies like a lot of famous people. It's one thing to adopt children, and let a nanny take care of them... but they seem to genuinely want to be a family and they play such a major role in their chilren's lives, I think it's great!


ash2 - March 2

Yeah, they dont like to stay in the media either like most !


Hana - March 2

oh i wish they'd adopt me...hmm yummy, imagin sharing a bed with them LOl oh no not that thread again!:P


sophandbob - March 2

Whilst they are giving a child an unbelievably wonderful opportunity, I must admit the old cynic in me can't help but think it is 'fashionble' to adopt outside of ones own country nowadays, and wonder whether it is all just one big publicity ride.


mamagoose - March 2

Don't they already have two babies and a toddler? Plus one more baby... Yowza, that's gotta be a lot of diaper changes!! They could hire a full-time diaper changer to tag along with them wherever they go...


ash2 - March 2

I think it is great to adopt outside of ones country. Its giving a child the oppurtunity that will live in a less poverty country into a free country like ours. Besides, they can afford it, and im glad they are using their money to adopt children that are less fortunate than spending their money on lipo, clothes, handbags, and exotic vacations like every other celebrity.


piratesmermaid - March 2

Hubby and I have a joke that they're going to wind up with a kid from every country.


mommie2be - March 2

That's really cool. They must love kids. Well, they have the time/money/ability- more power to them!


cae - March 2

I think they are great and are doing great things. Unlike alot of rich celebrities who go and party everynight, go to jail for drinking and driving, do drugs,etc. They are giving life to some very unfortunate children.


BaileysMummy - March 2

Wow, I hadn't heard they are adopting another one. I am not a huge fan of angelina, but I have to admit she's an excellent mother and should be praised for giving an unfortunate child a chance to have a loving family. Good luck to them both, I read they want 10!


ssmith - March 2

LOL Hana....I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for Brad to be my "Daddy" too!!!



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