OT Beware Of Ultrasounds

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mandee25 - January 22

Once of my old friends from highschool just had her baby via c-section and had a BOY! All along she was told she was carrying a GIRL and had all girl clothes from the shower. She had ultrasounds all through her pregnancy due to a problem with her cervix. My next pregnancy I want it to be a suprise like Noah was. It's more fun!


ssmith - January 22

I know that in some cities here in Ontario, ultrasound techs are not allowed to tell you the s_x of the baby for just that same reason. I agree.....it is MUCH more fun to be surprised. There are so few good surprises in life!!


lexa - January 22

Well, when I was pg with my son, they told me both times he was a girl. The second time they were 99.99% sure he was a girl. Hmmm. This time around they were right by saying a girl. So I wouldn't trust them either.


ash2 - January 22

well my husband says " no more babies " , but if i did get preggo again than i would not want to know !


ry - January 22

Omg, I hope she can exchange the clothes! Isabella was a surprise and everyone got so mad at me for not finding out the s_x. I just wanted to be surprised! It is so much fun when you dont know....except I didnt have a definite girl's name picked out so when she was born we named her Gabriella then changed it 2 days later. She is going to watch her birth video and be like "who the hell is Gabriella?" lol


Kara H. - January 22

wow, that u/s machine must have been an old tired piece of c___p! My doctors office has a new one and the resolution is so good, we could see the texture of our lo's s____m! No surprises on the gender there!


flower.momma - January 23

I hear ya Kara. Before the tech even said anything, my husband and I looked at each other and said "it's a boy!" We could plainly see his little manhood floatin' around in there.


apr - January 23

ye us too. at around 20 weeks I had an ultrasound b/c I was cramping and I went into the emergency room and the dr told us to look at the screen if we want to see what it was. we saw a little p___s lol. There was absolutely NO mistake there. My sis in law also had an ultrasound and she was carrying a girl and she saw the uterus. So I second what Kara said. That ultrasound machine mustve been really old. Nowadays, they are 99.9% right. I cant go around 9 months not knowing what I'll have. My ds is 5 months, but I'd definetely find out next time again. I hate surprises lol


KLT - January 24

I had three ultrasounds thru the pregnancy..was told i'm having a girl...and had a boy! We had all girl things... oof.


rl- - January 24

well I hope they don't tell the poor kid that they saw him lots and still thought he was a girl LOL!!!


sophandbob - January 24

I am considerig keeping the next one a surprise, but I don't know if i'd manage it. I ended up have 6 in total, due to one thing or another and so and each tiem I went (after it was possible to know) I kept asking them to ckech - saying Is he still a boy? We did have the s____m and p___s pointed out to us and it was very very visable and obvious


sahmof3 - January 24

We were lucky with my daughter... we even had a "confirming opinion" on the u/s lol... we had just found out she was a girl when one of the female docs from the practice knocked and asked if I minded if she came in... she had left a file. I didn't mind, so she came in and said, "Are you finding out the s_x?" I said, "We just did." And she laughed and said, "I could tell that was a girl from over here." So, we were pretty certain ;-) With my youngest son we found out at 17 weeks and never had another u/s... part of me was afraid they would be wrong, but they wre right. I didn't find out with my oldest. I had bleeding problems early on in the 1st trimester and had several u/s's for that and then I could never have one later!!!


Jenn2 - January 24

I agree with some of you......the machine must have been the old 2-D kind. The 3-D and 4-D ones make it close to impossible not to know the s_x ( unless your baby is in a position where you cant see it). I know a couple people who had the old school 2-D ultrasounds, and both were told the wrong s_x. Its almost hard to not know if you get the more advanced equipment, and see the baby.


USMC_wife - January 24

They used a dinosaur aged machine when I had my ultrasound done, but the tech was actually right! However, there is a 50/50 chance they will be.........lol.


vonzo - January 24

i was told i was having a girl and i did, i only found out at my 3D scan though. they say her ovaries and labia so it was kind of obvious. The technicians in the normal hospitals dont; tell us here anymore because they got it wrong once and were sued. If i persuade my hubby to have another one ( i will!! ) i think i want it to be a surprise...although knowing me i wont be able to wait.


vonzo - January 24

oh and apparently if they say you're having a boy its pretty much 98% accurate but if they say a girl its 50% accurate because it's wee willy winkie could be hiding. (Thats on a normal 2D scan.)



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