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Kara H. - February 15

Ok, for those of you who hadn't read my other thread, I spilled boi,ing water down my thigh monday night. I finally made it to the Dr today; she said I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. She also said that had I went to the ER I would have been given morphine strength drug so she was surprized I was able to contol the pain with the left over pain pills I had. She gave me an Rx for an antibiotic. She said I didn't need it right now, but she wanted me to fill it at the first hint of an infection. She also gave me an Rx for a cream and said to leave the wound uncovered as much as possible to dry out. I thought you were suppposed to keep it moist to minimize scarring? What I have read online impies keeping it moist. What should I do?


LisaB - February 15

I would keep it dry for now if its moist it can harbor bacteria and casue infection. I went through a ton of wound care with my uncle after his surgery and you must keep it dry for infection reasons. Once it starts healing and the risk of infection is gone them I would use Vitamin E oil like crazy on it that always heals my scars quickly. Also I used vitamine while preggo and 0 stretch marks. I love the stuff


kris313 - February 15

If its the same cream they use in the ER, it has silver in it and will turn everything it comes into contact with black. For that reason alone you want to keep it wrapped. There is no benefit to keeping it uncovered. Each time you apply new ointment/cream, clean the burn with soap and water and let that completely dry before you put on the cream and wrap it. The blister will pop on its own, don't do anything to help it along because that's what causes scarring. Once the blister breaks open, you can cut away to yucky stuff - don't tear it off. Hope that helps!


Kara H. - February 15

Yeah, she called silver-something. I dropped off the script to be filled but I haven't picked it up yet. Max was screaming because he was hungy so I didn't want to wait. I knlow she called the pharmacy to see what the biggest tube of it there was available. The burn is about two inches wide by about 5 inches long. I think I proababy going to have an ugly scar no matter what I do.


Rabbits07 - February 15

When Clint had his burn I was told to keep it covered the first 48 hours, but you've already exceeded that mark. After that I was told to uncover it so many times a day (sorry, I don't remember how many) and keep it uncovered for like an hour or so. I used Vitamin E oil on Clint at his pedi's recommendation and you can barely see a scar. He actually had 2 burns...one on his inner thigh about the size of a fifty cent piece and one on the inside of his lower-mid calf that was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide....of course he was only 7 months old so that was rather sizeable for him.


kris313 - February 15

As someone that has suffered severe burns herself, I can tell you that there is going to be a scar. However, taking care of that blister is the key to minimizing how bad it is. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much better it will look in a few months.


Kara H. - February 15

Rabbits- 7 months? Holy cow! How did he get burned? I'm guessing an older sibling had something to do with it? All my childhood injuries involved my older sister or one of my older cousins.


cae - February 15

Glad you went to see your doc. With silvadene it is going to be a dry dressing. You dont have to cover it, but since it is on your leg/thigh it will most likely smear off, so I would cover it and wrapped with dry gauze. It is always hard to keep a dressing intact and in place on an extremity, so what we use is a net stocking that is used to hold dressings in place. They sell them at any drug store. If you use tape the dressing will slide off. You have a high pain tolerance..Yikes, sounds painful!!


AshleyB - February 15

When I was 23 I was camping and partying and needless to say I was tipsy and fell off the bed in the camper right onto a propane heater the kind with the open hot metal and burned my wrist really bad. It was terrible and blistered and took several months to heal up. But now I can't even really find where it was, it's faded so much. Those party days are long gone, but looking back it was so dumb, huh? So good luck, glad you got it taken care of.


HANNAHs Mom - February 15

Rabbits/LisaB offered some great advice on how to minimize scarring. Years ago I burned my arm pretty badly. I picked up some Vitamin E gel caps - sliced them open and applied the gel directly to the burn area. No scar whatsoever. GL and hope you feel better!


Kara H. - February 15

Ouch! That silver c___p burns ans stings - and apparently I have a high pain tolerance! :)


3babies - February 16

My friend is the burns physio at a tertiary hospital here in Australia. I recently called him after my son had a 2nd degree burn on his leg. This sounds so horrible but as soon as the burn blisters they actually use a scalple to take the tops off the blisters (apparently the fluid in the blister can cause the burn to penetrate deeper, and the vessels continue to leak fluid into the blister increasing pressure and pain) They then dress it in something called fixomull, which is an adhesive dressing, but is like skin so it protects the skin, but breathes aswell. With kids they use a bandage just to keep it clean. They pull this dressing off every few days (ouch) and replace it. Apparently this minimises scarring and promotes new skin growth. Antibiotics and different dressings are sometimes necessary as well. We only had to change my sons dressing once (traumatic enough but he was very good) and his leg looks great. A little discoloured, but I dont think it will scar ... of course kids heal a lot quicker than us! I think these types of treatments are new in the last few years (he is always going off presenting at international conferences) so maybe it isnt common practice worldwide?


Kara H. - February 16

The few blisters I have left are so deep, they look like chicken fat. They are dimpled with my hair folicles that are swollen up. She said it was blistered in the fat layer. It is so gross looking.


Kara H. - February 16

Just as a side note, I'm losing it now but I gained 5lbs in water weight from swelling in my leg. Ick! I have to go to work today, but I am only going in for a half shift. I think it actually hurts worse since I let it dry out. It feels so tight like its going to crack open. Ouch!


Hi - February 16

I don't know what the hell your doc is thinking.For 2nd and 3rd degree burns the drying out process is a b***h.Kris313 is right your should keep the cream on and keep it wrapped.It's very important that you clean off all the icky stuff that tries to scab over the burn.This is the stuff that can cause infection and increase scarring.And debreeding (sp?)is very important.There will come a time when you will have to dry it out.But it should be past the scabbing over point before you do that.I got my hands burned really bad when I tried to save DH in a housefire 5 yrs. ago..I also soaked my hands in lukewarm water for about 20-30 min. before debreeding.Helps to loosen that stuff up.I have no scars from my burns ,so it must help.Take care.


Rabbits07 - February 16

Kara, yes it was an older sibling involved. My oldest dd had brought him to my bedroom and sat him on the bed (not knowing that I had just been using the iron). I had just unplugged it only moments before. She was going to play with him on the bed and I guess when she sat him down he spotted the iron and made a beeline for it. He must have picked it up by the handle as he had no burns on his hands, but then he dropped it in his lap (it was summer time so he had nothing but a diaper on) and it burned him. I wrapped a cold, wet towel around it and took him to the ER immediately. I've uploaded 2 pics of it to Photobucket. The links are : ht tp://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r185/Rabbits07/IM000101.jpg AND ht tp://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r185/Rabbits07/IM000100.jpg (remove dashes and spaces) As I mentioned before he is 4 now and you can see just the fainest of a scar and that only if you look very closely as it is flesh toned.


Rabbits07 - February 16

oops, I also meant to do an age correction....he was 1 year and 7 months, not just 7 months.



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