OT Did You Have Any Male Nurses

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sahmof3 - February 2

...when you were in the hospital having your babies? I'm just curious because I didn't encounter any postpartum. There were some in the OR each c-section, though. My brother is getting his LPN (nursing) and has been working at the hospital where I delivered. Yesterday he was instructing new moms on the use of the nasal aspirators LOL. I know he's trained... but he's my little brother (little as in younger... he actually stands 6 ft. 2 to my 5 ft. 4 lol), so it is so hilarious to think that if I had another baby right now my single w/ no kids brother could be instructing me how to care for my newborns ROFL.!!! Anyway, it just got me thinking that I never even saw a male nurse (even walking the hallways) when I was post partum. Weird!


mcatherine - February 2

I had one - he was cute, too! Believe it or not - he was more effective in helping me push than the female nurse! Of course when it came time to check my roids the next day - I got all embarra__sed. He even asked to hold the baby and sang him a little song. I had forgotten all about that already!! He was the only male other than my husband and the flower delivery fella that I saw the entire experience.


Lisastar9 - February 2

Good for your brother sahm,he must be proud of himself. No I never had any male nurses either. I would not feel uncomfortable with one overseeing me either. I prefer male over female.


sahmof3 - February 2

Yeah... it was nice to see male nurses in the OR for sure! I was looking at some of the itty bitty female nurses and thinking, "If they are in charge of transferring me from the operating table to my recovery bed I am going to end up on the floor." LOL It was a scary thought because I was completely paralyzed, so I liked the thought of someone sturdy lifting me ;-)


mosley12 - February 2

i had one, but he was as gay as gay could be..why are the hott guys usually gay?? lol. DH hated it, especially when he checked my cervix. it took him almost 7 months to get over the fact that my dr. was a man!


Emily - February 2

Sahm, I didn't have a male nurse but saw an old clasmate of mine one day and he said he was halfway through his nurses trainig. He said he was on the labor and delivery floor doing a rotation. He asked about my sister who he knew was a nurse. We got to talking and I told him a story about a girl who had an 18 week (4 month) old baby and was in for abdominal pain and found out she was 3 mos pregnant again! He siad to me, I know you have a little gil, how can anyone even think about s_x that soon after having a baby. He said it looks too painful! Everything is so swollen and streched out. My jaw about hit the floor. This is a guy I went to school with and we talked before cause I mean I am from a small town and you talk to everyone in you cla__s, but we never even got close to anything resembling this. I of course answered his question ( I mean I was a little modest before I had kids, but he was training to be a nurse and I had pretty must lost any shread of modesty I had when I had Mary, and at the time I was pregnant with Marcy.) He even joked that he was surpised I was ready to do it all again…..It was kind funny. We were able to talk about something that two clasmates of the oposit s_x rarely talk about! It was almost like I was talking to a girl friend or my sister. I could say after talking to him, I wouldn't be against having a male nurse but still don’t think it could be anyone I knew…... I was a little reluctant to show my epeseotmy stiches to the nurse who taught my birhting cla__s cause I kinda knew her. I didn't have a problem showing anyone else……but none of them were male


sahmof3 - February 2

I had a male MIDWIFE in my last pregnancy. He was the only one of those I have ever even heard of. He freaked me out a little, though, because he kept raving about the book The Red Tent and I was thinking, "What man would willingly read that?"


Emily - February 2

oh yes my doctor was a male....dh didnt' relaly have an issue with it over all but it did both him the first time he had to check my cervix in the office......


sahmof3 - February 2

Emily... that's funny about your cla__smate and your conversation with him! No, I don't think I could have a male nurse that I actually know check me (even though with me they were just checking the c-section incision), let alone my brother... um, definitely not..eeww lol.


srigles - February 2

One of my nurses was a male - and he was probably the very best nurse there! At first it was a little awkward, but he was totally professional and so competent - he was definitely the favourite nurse on the floor for everyone! And he even mentioned that it was a little difficult for him in the beginning as well, since the majority of the nurses are female. Super nice guy!


Erynn21 - February 2

I had one, the female nurse who was leaving informed me before she went off shift and said he was very professional, but there were a couple female nurses on staff at the hospital that night if I really wanted a woman. I didn't really care, he was really a nice man, I know another male nurse that works in the hospital too, but doesn't deal w/ babies, he said that when I came in, lol. I only had him check my stomach to see how my staples and uterus were, he also did the normal vitals. The worst part of dealing w/ moms and babies he said was giving baby's shots, he hated it. I always ask ppl stuff about their jobs and what not, guess it comes from 8+years as a hairdresser, I'm just nosey. I thought he did a great job w/ my dd and me, and I felt bad when he gave her a shot because he felt SO bad making her cry.



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