OT DUDE What Is Going On With My Period

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MommyMeg07 - November 20

I had my first Post Partum Period in August, when my DD was 6 months old. I went to the gyno and started the mini-pill in September. I had 4 periods after that, and they were 2 weeks apart and weird bleeding, sort of light. Now it's been a little over 4 weeks since I've had one and I'm psyching myself out about it. It would be an absolute act of God if I were pregnant - because I'm br___tfeeding, take the mini-pill almost perfectly (have maybe been a couple hours late 3 times) and my boyfriend and I use a condom EVERY time. I can't be pregnant. I also took a HPT 2 days ago and it was negative, but I'm almost 2 weeks late. Is it true that you can have a post partum period and then not have one for a few months? I've heard that somewhere. Or that it could just take a while for it to regulate? Thanks in advance for any advice or comfort you can offer on the matter!! ha ha


DDT - November 20

Yup, I am evidence of that. BTW I believe our lo's are about the same age (Feb baby?). I had my 1st period 5 months pp and I haven't had another. I am 9 months pp. The difference though is that I'm not on any BC. I was on the mini-pill in the very beginning, and then once I stopped BF at 6wks I went to the regular pill. I was spotting non-stop for about a month and it was just plain irritating. I thought to just let my body figure things out without drugs but obviously it looks like it needs some help. I will probably start BC at 10 months pp if I don't get AF this month. I'm hoping that it will help regulate things as we want to start TTC next summer and at this rate I may not even have AF again by then!!


MommyMeg07 - November 21

Thanks DDT Anyone else have any input?


kimberly - November 21

It does take a while fro things to regulate again, especially if you b___stfed even for a few months. After I quit b___stfeeding my son it took 3 months to get a period and I didn't get another one fo about 6 months. With the mini pill and b___stfeeding it is very unlikely yoyu would be pregnant. Oh, and I never had a period the entire time I b___stfed and in fact most women don't have one while b___stfeeding.


kimberly - November 21

Sorry for the typos. lol!



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