OT For Harry Potter Fans

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BusyBee - February 4

Harry Potter fans rejoice! There are only 166 more days until the new (and last!) Harry Potter book is released!


Steph - February 4

LOL!! My daughter is SO excited!! It's going to be a great July due to the next movie coming out as well as the new book! She can hardly wait!


dee23 - February 4

are you serious steph? the movie is coming out too? woooot!!!! i cant wait.


maryl14 - February 4

did yall see the topic of his(the actors) new movie man talk about a big change in rolls


jb - February 4

I am excited for the new book to come out. Apparently 2 people are going to die. I wonder who. So far my guess is going to be Ron's dad and either Ron or Hermoine.


Felisha - February 4

i love harry potter but have been a litte behind. how many of the books and movies are out i jsut want to be sure i see and read them before moving on to the next


jillianT - February 4

ron or hermione????? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! felisha. this next book will be the last. it's # 7. i'm not sure what movie they are on.


dee23 - February 5

what is with that boy striping for photos anyway. i dont know his name but his character is harry potter.....thats just wrong.


vonzo - February 5

I looooveeeee harry snotter!! My husband was dubious at first but i have made him an avid fan, heeven pre ordered the last film HAHA my reverse psychology works!


mcatherine - February 5

I'm a huge Harry fan myself - very excited for the final book!!!


sophandbob - February 5

My guess is that harry and voldermort dies - so that it is a final end to the series, so that there will be no "go on! write another one!" and so that no one else can write harry books! I think Harry will have to die in order to defeat voldermort because they are inexplicably linked - one and the same.


Nita_ - February 5

I'm a big fan too! I can't believe it will be the last book though! I didn't read the last part for a long time caz I didn't want to be waiting for the next one to come. LOL. Can't wait for the movie as well..although with the baby now, we may not get to see it until it comes to video anyways! :(


Nita_ - February 5

oh my guess is voldemort and snape die! I don't like either one anyways! :)



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