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hutcho1984 - March 7

This morning at about 4am dd woke for a feed, so i lifted her into bed and she attatched fine for a few mins. Then she came off for air, so i was trying to get her back on in the dark. My partner (who was sound asleep) jumps right out of bed 'aaaarrrggghhh, what the f%$k is happening?' slapping at his face and screeching! after trying to calm him down and get my dd reattatched i realised the reason he was all wet and got such a fright was that when my daughter came off he just happened to be on the receiving end of a shower of br___tmilk!! Had me giggling for ages before i could get back to sleep. Just thought i would share, anyone else had any mad spray stories? Ive shot myself in the face a few times too. lol . Nic xxx


BriannasMummy - March 7

Im not a b___stfeeder.. but i thought that was soo funny. Just to think about a man bouncing around because of a "shower". Thanx for the laugh today!! ~Kristin~


ssmith - March 7

This happened to me when dd was about 4 months old. I went to the Dr for my physical & dd had her 4 months shots. Anyway, I was getting undressed to put on the lovely paper gown. However, I knew that the MINUTE my b___bs felt the freedom of no bra ~~ I would "letdown." SO, I was a bit nervous to take my bra off, but I had to. Sure enough, I take off my bra, and get the paper gown on ~~ and I feel that "tingle". I panicked ~~ sure enough I started to spray & leak....SOAKING my paper gown. I'm surprised it didn't start to disintegrate!! Of course, My Dr walks in as I am madly trying to grab some paper towels, while trying to keep that d__n gown together to cover up my bum. I was SO embara__sed. Luckily my Dr is very cool & sweet, with a young child of his own. But, still ~~ I have never been so embara__sed. Ah the joys of b___stfeeding.


sahmof3 - March 7

Hilarious!!! I was soooo afraid that was going to happen to me when I had to b___stfeed my dd on a plane. I had a cloth diaper right there, though, so I could "catch" the spray. I'll 2nd that "joys of b___stfeeding" comment ssmith.


hutcho1984 - March 7

I luckily havent had to b___stfeed much in public, but i just no when i have to its gonna end in embaressment with some random accross the room getting sprayed. lol. Nic xx


Mellissa - March 7

lol. that is so funny. i've had times when i'm bf'ing and when the baby lets go i don't realize he is getting sprayed in the face until i hear him gasping. lol. poor baby.


Jennifer28 - March 7

Mellissa - same here! 9 times out of 10 I get dd, poor baby. I have gotten myself, too. But - LOL, Nic!! I only wish I could get dh sometimes. :)



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