OT Grey S Anatomy Tonight

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Rans - February 15

I am sure that I saw a headline somewhere that someone dies on Grey's tonight.....anyone else? I THINK I saw it on my MSN homepage earlier this week. (I do have mommy brain so I may be way off my rocker!) Merideth can't die, she is the main characher, right? Ohhhhh, the anticipation of tonight!!!!!


LisaB - February 15

I can't wait- Burke can go after his inappropriate coments but Merideth will stick around- you know they won't show here until the end of the show cuz its a 3 part "cliff hanger" I LOVE this show- am having my bf over for pizza and Greys. Thrusdays are my favorite day of the week. A bit sad actually.


bradylove - February 15

I thought I heard the same thing, but it sounded like meredith drowns or something??? I' m not sure... You know how they always make the headline so outrageous and then you come to find out that it's not really that....


kellens mom - February 15

Oh great! I had not heard about a death...now you have me REALLY curious. Thursday is laundry night so I can justify sitting in front of the TV drooling over McDreamy (and others!). I wonder if I should cla__sify Grey's as an addiction. Refresh my memory...what did burke say about Merideth? Or are you refering to the general comments about how Kristina can't do anything without telling her first?


LisaB - February 15

I mean Burke (whatever his real name is) and his homophobic slurs. Uncalled for and really a great way to kill your career!


CyndiG - February 15

Last night during putting my older dd to bed, I looked at the clock (9:02) and freaked out. I started hurrying and said, "I have to go, my shows on, I have to go! I can't miss the first of it!" My dh says, "what show honey?" Still freaking I say, "Grey's, it's Thursday I gotta go!" My dd says, "Mommy, it's WEDNESDAY! Calm down!" LOL! So tonight, bedtime's going to be just a tad early! :O} I can't wait!


kellens mom - February 15

LisaB...when i read your initial post, I read "about" instead of "but". Hence the confusion.


Smilefull - February 15

Grey's---so what's up with Christina and Burke, do ne1 here think they will actually get married?


Mellissa - February 15

i have been tivo-ing all of my shows this week...but this one i'm MAKING time to sit down and watch. Grey's is by far my favorite show (it replaced Gilmore Girls at the top of my list--which now gets tivo-ed as well). I don't think meredith can die...like rans said, she's the main character.


kellens mom - February 15

Oh My Goodness! It's the Commercial Break!


bradylove - February 15

Holy c___p! did you guys just watch that!! They won't kill her off though....


mosley12 - February 15

theres no way they will kill her! i thought she was dreaming when she sat up..and dennys back! maybe they are gonna kill her off, but keep her around as a voice over, like they do on desperate housewifes?


bradylove - February 15

Weird eh? and what's with the bomb guy??? I remember someone telling me that he was supposed to be a love interest for Meredith before they, at the last minute, decided to b__w him up!


mcatherine - February 15

The can't kill her. It's Grey's Anatomy - the show is named for her!! Maybe a coma? Who knows, but the pregnant woman dying and the one that had surgery was enough for me. I'm with Mellissa - I usally TiVi everything and am lucky that I catch up before the end of the season, but I sat down to watch it tonight!!


Rans - February 15

Now we have to wait a whole week to see what happens!


ry - February 15

Omg, i am so depressed after this episode. It was heart wrenching! I cant believe Merideth will die, wouldnt we have heard rumors of her leaving the show? This is crazy!


Brendansmom - February 15

OMG..I didn't have a dry eye for the entire hour. I was at my mom's so I had to tivo it. Thank god, I wouldn't have made it through the commercials! Oh what a loooooong week!!!



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