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Jbear - December 29

I got a new washing machine for Christmas...just got it delivered today. Well, they pulled out the old machine and I noticed that the wall looked bumpy behind it. So I poked the wall with my finger and my hand went through the wall! Apparently there's been a water leak there for a while. So now I can't use my new washer until the leak is fixed, and I have piles of laundry all sorted out and waiting. I hate my apartment!!! As soon as they fix one thing something else breaks. Now I'm going to have to worry about if they'll decide I'm liable for the water damage.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 29

We had a problem like this at our first apartment and we had to call a plumber out and have them sign saying it was the plumbing and not the old washer (we had to get a new one b/c everytime we washed bras and panties they would come out all mangled and torn) In the long run we had to threaten to get a lawyer but they paid for it. You might want to call your own plumber out though instead of having them send their "maintance" guy out to look at it and usually the plumbers will do a free quote.


Narcissus - December 29

That sucks. I hate it when laundry piles up... I am sure you can raise some h*ll if they try to blame you for the water damage. How could it be your fault if the pipes leaked? Oh, that's probably where the mosquitos are coming from... I would raise holy h*ll over that.


Jbear - December 29

Oh, boy...they already hauled the old washer away. I do have insurance that will cover the repair if the apartments decide I'm liable. I just don't want to have a claim on it already. I think I have to get the maintanance man because they'll have to tear into the wall. Our maintenance guys are so dumb...it took them five tries to fix my air conditioner (I had to threaten to move into the leasing office) and an entire summer to replace my dishwasher.


momma - December 29

That is horible I think I am glad dh and I bought a house (even though we are in the process of re wiring) I would definatly have your own plumber take a look especially if the maintence man isnt the "brightest crayone in the box" if it is the pipes they cant hold you liable good luck I hope it gets fixed soon


Jbear - December 29

It could be my fault that I didn't notice the leak sooner. Apartments around here are so screwy. I've tried calling the state apartment a__sociation before about another complex, and I've decided their initials stand for Texas Apartment A-holeS.


Lovely - December 29

I know the rules here (manitoba) for tennants, is that if your lease includes a dishwasher, air conditioner or any other appliance, and it breaks, they must fix it NOW, or else they are in ...um... what's the word when you break a contract...? I can't remember, but you can with-hold your rent until it's fixed.... I hate renting! B___ds! The best day of my life was when we bought our own home, and told our slum-lords to shove their proerty so far up their a__s, that their breath would smell like the mouldy carpets WE were forced to live with!


Narcissus - December 29

JBear, how many people check behind their washer for leaks? It's not your fault. Kick 'em to the curb!


Jbear - December 29

Let me go find the can opener...for the can of whoop a__s! I'm just tired, I've been awake more than 24 hours now, because Sophie wouldn't sleep last night, then I had to stay up for the washer to be delivered, now I can't nap or the maintenance man will show up while I'm sleeping. My husband keeps calling me and telling me it's going to be weeks before I can use the new washer, that the apartments will take their time fixing the leak, that he hates living here....He doesn't want to get a house because his parents each have a house and he will someday inherit. He's not being greedy, just doesn't want to end up with several mortgages...but it leaves us in limbo. I want my own place so I can do all sorts of fun things to it, paint murals, learn to install ceramic tiles...if I had a leak like this in my house that wall would be gone already and I'd be at home depot buying whatever plumbing stuff I needed and drywall and tape. I can fix drywall, my sister and I used to knock each other through the walls in my mom's house and have to fix them.


Narcissus - December 29

LOL about the whoop a__s remark!! Funny:) I don't blame you for not wanting to rent. We still do not own our home bc we keep moving for dh's job... We plan to buy a house in a few months. Can't wait. I despise renting!


what - December 29

about mold? The TA a__sociation is not for you the renter but for the apartment owners themselves, it's no wonder they were no help to you.


Jbear - December 29

Actually, the time I called the TAAS, they did tell me what I would need to do to get out of my lease. None of it was anything that could help me, without getting a lawyer. Calling the property management companies doesn't do any good either...the most common response I've gotten to problems was "that's apartment living," or "well, you chose to move in," as if I knew that a drug dealer would move in next door the month after I moved in, or as if I knew my stuff would regularly vanish while I was at work...anyhow, the whole subject of apartments just irritates me.


Jbear - December 29

They did come out and look at the leak. First he said I must not have had the drain hose in right. I told him that couldn't be it, I know how to hook up a washer. So he noticed that the faucet had a drip. He fixed it (it drips into the drain, it's not the problem). He said I could go ahead and use the washer, and they'd fix the wall next week. So I plugged in the washer and the darn thing doesn't work!!! I called the store and they'll send another, but it has to be shipped from Dallas, which will take a week. So I guess I'll be using the laundromat for the next week. It sucks because I kind of put off doing laundry so I could do it with the new machine.


u know - December 29

if a drug dealer does move in next door you ARE well within your rights to break your lease and move the hell out! The can not charge you for the remaining amount on the lease either. I thought they had made stricter laws in TX, known felons for drug offenses can be denied a rental. Kinda sucks for you guys though because of all of the evacuees, rents and crime rates are higher and there are fewer places available.


Jbear - December 29

Believe me, I tried to move when I had that neighbor. Our doors were only 4" apart and his "customers" would always get confused and knock on my door. They would also urinate on my patio. I had two guys try to break in (I chased them out with a shotgun), then a couple of days later someone smashed the drug dealer's patio door and stole $7000 from him. He moved a week after that. He used to have a guy standing out by his car, guarding it...I guess he forgot to have one watch his apartment. The apartments had told me they couldn't do anything about him because he had paid his rent for the entire year up front. I've been lucky at the apartment I have now, I haven't had any really strange neighbors, at least that I knew about (someone was running a meth lab in an apartment here, but I never knew that until after they got busted). I know it sounds like I live in the ghetto, but these have been decent apartments in good parts of the city.


Ashley - December 29

Holy Jbear thats quite the story! There's no drama where I live, lol. Although, could use a little.


TC - December 30

I am so sorry to hear about your apt issues Jbear. I don't really have any advice, I just want to say keep your chin up. I have read your posts and I see that you have been through worse than that and came out smelling like a rose. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be these apt slumlords and owners. Good Luck Mama.



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