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lexa - February 2

I was wondering....I am in a dire need of a haircut/style and don't know what I really want to do. Anyway, I was wondering what you ladies do in terms of "doing your hair"? And how do you have it cut (like is it cut for an easy maintainable style). For instance...my hair is past my shoulders, layered and bangs. Usually I throw it up in a ragamuffin type pony tail. So what do you ladies do, how much time (if any) do you spend on it? I'm just looking for ideas on how to get mine done so it looks nice with the least amount of time spent on it. So do you curl, leave it straight, perm, or ragamuffin like me:-)


ash2 - February 2

You know what ...i love layers and we have a place in the carolinas called " great clips" ...it is like 10 bucks to get it done and they do great ! Not sure if you have one but you could probably google it. BTW...i would say grow your bangs out. MUCH easier to handle. I work at a hospital and it is up in a pnoytail all the time, but when i get it cut, i will wear it down untill it gets long again !


lexa - February 2

I always get layers (my hair is sooo thick). As for the bangs, that is another story! I let them grow out, then get them cut back in, grow out, cut in...etc. I've colored my hair, had perms etc. I don't want to color (I hate the upkeep anymore) and as for the perm, well lets say forget that! Hmmmm, not sure what I want to do.


sahmof3 - February 2

Mine is pretty long right now (a few inches past my shoulder blades). I do the same type pony-tail. It's cute and easy, but my hair is so heavy it is giving me migraines to wear it up. I'm growing it out for locks of love and I have a few more inche to go... then I plan to get a cut . I want it to be short and flip out a little... hard to explain... and i'm going to color it (red). I would color it now, but here's way to much and it would take many kits and many hours lol.


cae - February 2

I like more of a long layered look. I have hair maybe 3-4 inches below my shoulder. I like to wear it sligtly wavy. It is not probably watch you are looking for, because its not a fast style. I usually b__w dry it, then straigten it, then put big wavy curls in it. It takes time, but worth it.


sahmof3 - February 2

My best friend calls me the hair farm lol.


lexa - February 2

OOOH, I would like big wavy curls. Cae, Do you use a 3" curling iron or hair rollers? See, for me to b__w dry my hair in itself takes forever since it is so thick. sahmof3, that's so nice to do that for locks of love! Good luck! And when I used to dye my hair, I always did red:-) And it looks really pretty with blonde highlights (my sis gets that done, it's really nice)


Ca__sJ - February 2

I got mine cut about 3 inches above my shoulders with lots of layers and b__w dry it and then run a straight iron over it. It takes about 20 mins. It is cute and has lots of body. I like it because I feel like it makes my face look slimmer!


cae - February 2

I love the new trend out now lexa. It is big wavy curls, curled away from you face(almost like the 70's look, but not so much) I use 21/2 inc curling iron and curl the hair around my face, away from my face, then the rest just like a corkscrew, hair spray it alittle then shake my head.......then walaaH!


Nerdy Girl - February 2

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and layered with no bangs. I would like to wear a ponytail but I have so many little broken off hairs since this last pregnancy that I have these little wings sticking out whenever I do a ponytail. I normally b__w dry every day. If I do more of a quickie job, then it ends up kinda wavy. If I take the time to b__w it out with a big round brush, then it's smooth with flippy ends. I have had my hair long, short, and everywhere in between. I personally think that long hair is easier with kids. Unless you have a super short almost military cut, short hair requires styling time to look good. With long hair, you can always throw it in a ponytail if you are in a hurry.


lexa - February 2

Thank you ladies. I think I've had every style and length at one time or another. I should clarify my bangs....they are a little longer (down to my nose) and style to the side. Or if my hair is down, they blend in and look as though I really don't have any. I like hair a little above my shoulders too, but I think I will just get a trim and try curling it:-)


mischelly30 - February 3

I have a stacked bob. Short in the back, angled in the front to 2" past the jaw-line. Very trendy and easy to style. I give myself a b__w-out with a 3" diameter brush, put finishing spray in, and it's done.


jillianT - February 3

mine is just like that michelly. i had it like this about 10 years ago and really liked it then and now that it's back in style, i decided to go for it again. i still love it.


HANNAHs Mom - February 3

I just had my haircut yesterday...it was getting so long and I needed to get it healthy again. I wear my hair long, angled starting at the chin, very light bang worn to the side and I b__w-dry it straight. Everyday I start out wearing it down but it inevitably ends up in a ponytail/ragamuffin, no matter what....(Hannah is a big-time hair-puller & it just feels more comfortable off my face)


lexa - February 3

See, I like short hair (I saw a really cute short hairstyle yesterday), but I honestly couldn't live without pulling my hair up. For the days I don't get time to myself, I think I would feel c___ppy if I had a hairstyle that needed to be styled and I couldn't do it.



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