OT How Often Do You Was Your Linens

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ash2 - February 3

I know i dont overwash them , but i do manage to wash them once a week...is that enough ? I know people that wash their linens like every other day, and i couldnt possibly do it. How often do you wash yours ?


krnj - February 3

I do ours about once a week too.


HannahBaby - February 3

omg i have a california king bed (thats what linens are right, sheets??) And my bed is SO hard to make cause it comes up to my b___bs, so i do it about once a week as well. I change hannahs bed a little more about 2-3 times a week because she drools :O)


SuzieQ - February 3

Once a week too :)


k.p.j.e. - February 4

I just popped in here to see what other moms did...I wash my boy's sheets every other day at least, because he always gets food or a pee drop on his sheets! Here's something gross: once he ate some corn ca__serole (Thanksgiving) and the next day he pooped way more than his overnite diaper could handle, and some squirted out on his sheets. Of course, there were corn kernals in it, and what do you think he was doing when I went to get him out of bed? Playing with a hadnful of corn kernals. It was DISGUSTING I almost barfed but instead I spent the entire morning scrubbing stuffed animals and sanitizing sheets! Not to mention LONG HOT bath for him! lol. Anyway I only wash my husband's and my sheets, like once every two weeks, and now I feel gross because you all do it way more...:)


ConnorsMommy - February 4

don't worry k.p.j.e.! I'm with you on the once every two weeks.... lol... I'm lazy when it comes to changing sheets... I change my ds' sheets once a week, unless he's sick/threw up/leaked..


hello - February 4

Try ro do it once a week, my daughters maybe twice.....


Jmom - February 4

I used to do it every other week, until I watched Oprah and saw about the bedbugs and such, so know I try to do it every week. It's a pain!


eclipse - February 4

I wash our bedsheets once a week, and I change/wash our baby's sheets every two days or so, depending on destruction cycle.


Jelly - February 4

wow, call me gross, but I wash our bed sheets every 2 weeks! how embarra__sing, I am a clean person really ;-) Also, i wash my baby's bed sheets every two weeks also, it doesn't seem like they get dirty that much, he never leaks or spits up and gets a bth every night before he goes in his crib, but you ladies are right, sweat, dead skin, ... a breading ground for bacteria! Reading how often you guys do it tough makes me feel bad, and i just might start a new regime of bed sheet cleaning!!!!!! Off i go. I don't really mind washing them , I just HATE HATE HATE putting them back on, especially the duvet covers!!!


eclipse - February 4

Well, truth be told, it has been longer than a week right now. Its been a little crazy lately. Don't feel guilty. Its all good. Mine is more a goal than reality LOL


mandee25 - February 4

I am the same as Jelly. Oops! I change ds bedding once a wek though.


SonyaM - February 4

Oh gosh, don't let my dh see this thread. I TRY for once a week on ours but honestly it's usually every two weeks. My oldest son's sheets don't get changed often because he's always in our bed at some point in the middle of the night. My youngest son's about once every two weeks too. He gets a bath before bed and doesn't leak or spit up. It's on my list for today.


Lisastar9 - February 4

I try to wash them 1 a week sometimes longer. The oprah show sure makes a person thinks on how clean/dirty we are.


ssmith - February 4

LOL! It sure must be nice to be Oprah though, she can have all her many maids & servants put fresh linens on her bed every day! Easy for her to say how often we should wash our sheets. I'll bet she hasn't done her own laundry in 20 years LOL.


BusyBee - February 4

I only wash my sheets every 2 weeks -so I guess I fall into the dirty category LOL. But, really, how dirty are we when we go to bed that our sheets need to be washed that often? I feel like I do so much laundry now that I have a baby - I can't imagine doing any more.


Deirdra - February 4

lol...i put sheets on my bed and my husband just climbs ontop of the made bed and grabs another confoter...its silly...but i rarely gotta wash my sheets b/c i dont use them...so i wash my comforter every other week...



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