OT How Old Are You

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jillianT - January 26

i saw that this topic was brought up before, but i didn't want to bump the dreaded "gave her jello" thread back to the top. i think that one has run it's course...lol. I am 29 and like kara h. i will not be turning 30 in september...i'll be turning 29... again. :( i can remember when i thought 30 was ancient.


sahmof3 - January 26

I can clearly remember when I thought 30 was ancient... I remember when my mom was my age... 32. I was 12 years old!


lexa - January 26

I am now and will always be 28!!!! I have been 28 for a total of 4 years so far:-)


Lisastar9 - January 26

I thought being 40 was going to be old. On feb 20 I will be the same age as my brother who dies over a year ago. I will be 43, in March so I guess to my childhood thinking I am considered old.


vonzo - January 26

I was going to post my age but i'm scared you'll all gang up on me and beat me LOL I'm 23 and will be 24 in 3 months.


srigles - January 26

I'm 31 and have decided that I'm going to stop acc_mulating years at 36. It sounds like a good number. :)


torbman - January 26

I will be 33 on tuesday. Yikes! I wish I was 23 vonzo!


jessb - January 26

Im 26. :o)


bradylove - January 26

I'm 31 and that is the first time I've typed the number out....ouch!


mcatherine - January 26

I'm 33 - but ladies - if 40 is the new 30 - then most of us are still in our 20s!!! Yay!


Shana B - January 26

Jillian, I will also be turning "29" again in September, what date for you?


Deirdra - January 26

i am 19 going to be 20


lexa - January 26

oooooh...mcatherine....well put:-) I like that!


SonyaM - January 26

UUUGGGHHHH, I don't know when this happened but I am 33. I feel like I am still in my 20's. When I see people that are thirtysomething I think, I don't look that old!!! Does anybody remember that show "Thirtysomething"? I remember watching that and thinking man those people are so mature and together. I don't feel like I am that grown up yet. Wierd how your perspective changes.


Renea - January 26

I'm 34


jillianT - January 26

shanna b - my bday is 9/22. dd is 9/13. poor dh has two virgo women to deal with now! when's your bday?


ash2 - January 26

Im 25, but after 26 society considers you an " adult " instead of " young adult " now, lol BTW, you ladies over 30...i feel blessed to come to this forum to get some real, knowledgable " wisdom" ..you ladies just dont know how much i appreciate the experienced advice : )



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