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mommieto3 - January 21

h__lo ladies just need an opinion here is it pregnancy hormones or am i mad and hurt for nothing??? last night i had to work till 3 am, which i normally dont do normally i get off at 11 pm well i asked hubby if he was going to wait up for me and he was like " i guess" which translated to me as i will but i dont want to but he said he would but when i arrived home he was in bed asleep......so when i am hurt and crying he said it was an accident and he fell asleep bullshit ...now if he was on the couch and was asleep i could see "falling asleep" but in bed covered up........NO way but the reason i am so hurt is i work 15-17 miles from where we live and 10-12 miles of that is between 2 cities and is NOTHING but woods and road and i have no cell phone so 'what if i had broke down" "what if something happened to me" he would never have known till our DD woke up this morning....i am 20 weeks preggo and i tokd him i was hungry and i thought he may have something fixed and we coudl eat and go to bed but no he was asleep and i was just so hurt........so honest opinins please is it me or the hormones or am i out of line being mad and hurt???? \ normally now my hubby is a very very good husband and great father and i dont want yall thinking bad of him


sahmof3 - January 21

If he promised he should have stayed up, but my personal opinion... you sound like you have a good man there who just flubbed up. I'd say forgive him and move on.


Rabbits07 - January 21

Probably just a hormone thing....I mean, I get what you are saying about what if something had happened to you and all. But, it was 3 am, so I can see how he fell asleep. I do agree that it looked more like a prepared sleep (in the bed covered up) than a oops I fell asleep thing (on the couch). I remember one time when I was preg dh had said something funny and we were laughing...the next thing I knew I was bawling and didn't know why! Those hormones will tear you up!


Kara H. - January 21

I'm on your side on this one. My hubby works 2nd shift and has a 90 minute commute and I stay up for him just to help him get to bed sooner. I make sure doens't get wrapped up into a movie on TV, talks about his night to help him decompress, and get him something to eat so he doesn't just munch on a handful of this and that. If he was that exhausted he should have laid on the couch. And yes, he should have at least made you a sandwich while you were getting your PJ's on. I actually cook at 1:30 am for my hubby so he at least should have gotten his big b___t out of bed and made something to eat for that baby you are growing! Men need specific directions. I would yell at him for last night, just tell him exactly what you need for future situations. Tell him next time you work over he is to nap on the sofa until you get home AND get HIS growing baby something to eat. Also, you NEED a cell phone. No excuses. The Go Phones with pre paid minutes are vary reasonable. No one should be one the road at 11pm without one - especially a pregnant woman.


Kara H. - January 21

I meant I WOULDN'T yell at him for last night...


aurorabunny - January 21

I dunno, I'm gonna agree with Rabbits. I got mad over things like this (and things MUCH sillier) when I was preggo...I can understand you worried about the driving and all, but it WAS 3 AM. But I am with Kara too-you need to get you a cell phone, girly!! That drive sounds kind of scary!


hello - January 22

If you got off at 3am i am not suprised he couldnt keep his eyes open and fell asleep... Not to be mean but u are pregnant, not bed bound and nothing is stopping you from making yourself a toasted sandwich at 4am or so while u are up and he is asleep...... I see nothing in this story to be mad over.... yes the hormones r shocking, i experienced it also.... dont take offence ... i am not trying to be nasty... its just how i see it... we cant help bein tired and he would be useless to u the next day if he stayed awake when his body needs rest......


Kara H. - January 22

Mommieto3 - I don't think you have too many 2nd shifters that have responded :) We live our lives on a different schedule, don't we?


ash2 - January 22

Hey mommie... I am a second shifter and when i was working i would tell DH to leave his cell phone by his bed and put it on ring in case i needed him. But i didnt care if he fell asleep, just as long as he could hear the phone ring.


vonzo - January 22

I can understand you being upset but if you think about it, it's not really all that big a deal. I can barely talk though because i went off in a huge huff and cried my eyes out when i was pregnant because my dh made me a cheese sandwich and i didnt want it?!?! Bloody hormones!


mommieto3 - January 28

hey all just an update hubby thought about this and said he was sorry 100 times and we went friday and got cell phones so this wont happen again......well he may fall asleep but i will have a way to call now....and since i am preggo IF god forbid something happens (water breaking later on or such) i will be able to call him at work and not leave a message and wait for it to get to him 2 hrs later ( i called one day to get him to stop on the way home to pick up something and it was 2 hours before the secretary got off her lazy b___t and told him to call me ...no it wanst an emergency but still it COULD have been) thanks ladies for you input


ash2 - January 28

Glad to hear it !!



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