OT I Am So Worried About Dh

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sahmof3 - February 5

My dh has always had the same problem as his mom... he gets a cold and ends up with a really bad lingering cough for WEEKS after. She has asthma, but he's been to the doctor and was not diagnosed with it... he was given a Rx for codeine. Anyway, last night I heard him coughing all night... it was bad. Today he came home from work and I seriously thougth he was going to have a heart attack from coughing... he was coughing non-stop and could barely breathe in b/w!!! He got it calmed down and I reluctantly went grocery shopping... but made him ask his dad to come stay here too, just in case. He's not coughing now and he's getting ready to take his codeine, which will knock him out for the night, but he just came in and said something about work will be hard tomorrow because he thinks he has pneumonia again (he had it as a teen). I was like, "Uh... there's no way you are going to work... get a doc appt." He BETTER listen, too, because if you all had been here during that coughing fit... it was scary!! Now he looks really pale. I'm just scared now and need to get this off my chest so I can try to be strong for him.... the biggest thing scaring me is that he has a HUGE family history of many types of cancer. His mom had br___t cancer, dad has prostate cancer, sis had uterine cancer and his other sis had br___t cancer.... so I am just worrying that something could be seriously wrong. Can't believe I'm here actually wishing for it to be pneumonia! Sorry so long, just needed to write about this!


krnj - February 5

Sorry to hear he is so sick! Make him stay home and go see the dr tomorrow!! Not to be gross but is he coughing up phlem? Sounds like it could be bronchitis. I used to get that all the time. Be careful that you and the rest of your family don't get sick too! Hope he feels better soon! Try to take it easy & you get some rest too!


sahmof3 - February 5

Thanks. His job is making and installing solid surface countertops- mostly Corian- and he breathes in a lot of dust because... (I love the man)... but he's an idiot... he won't wear a mask! I think this is making it worse! I have decided I will physically restrain him if he tries to go to work tomorrow. He may be taller, but dang it... I'm fatter LOL ;-)


ash2 - February 5

Take this from somebody who has seen this type of sickness alot working in the hospital. There is a thing called a " saturation level "....if it is low, it could be dangerous. If he is pale like you are talking about, and coughing alot, then it could be pneumonia. Does he smoke ? Im not trying to scare you or anything but i would at least call an ambulance to come check him out. They can check his sat level and listen to his lungs and tell you if he needs to go in to the ER or not. Respitory problems is nothing to fool around with. See if the doc can prescribe him some histinex....(SP) ...doesnt your doc have a 24 hour on-call ??


ash2 - February 5

Make sure also that he is not breathing heavy...have you checked his temp ?


SonyaM - February 5

Is he wheezing?


ConnorsMommy - February 5

oh wow... sounds like pneumonia to me!! I've had it four times and I'm only 20!! So, I know how much it sucks!! Don't let him go to work and breathe in all that dust!! DRAG HIM TO THE DOCTOR if you have to!!


sahmof3 - February 5

His temp is 101... so not TOO bad and he's not wheezing and he's not a smoker, either. I asked him if he wanted me to call the doc or ambulance and he said no. He says that he's not having trouble breathing except when he gets a coughing fit. He keeps talking like he's going to work tomorrow. GGRRR! Why can't men listen??? Even if he feels a little better in the morning (which I don't see happening) I think he still needs a check up.


Rabbits07 - February 6

I know some will probably think this sounds horrible and deceptive, but you may need to "break down" and have a crying fit if you think you can out one on. I've learned that men, or at least some of them, seem to think they are invincible. My dh has been ill before and I would talk and talk and talk trying to get him to go to the dr. and he would be like--no, I'm all right, I can't miss work, we've got a family to take care of.-- It took breaking down and crying and telling him that we would be alot worse off if he were dead than him missing a few days of work. Once he seen how truly upset it had made me he went to the dr.


sahmof3 - February 6

Well, he went to work. He was just pulling out of the driveway as I got up this morning! So now I think my plan is to keep calling him at work and get on him about making a doc appt. Actually, I haven't talked to him yet today, so it's possible he has one and is working around it... we'll see.


mandee25 - February 6

I would make him go to the doctor because even if it is pneumonia it can be very dangerous. Not to scare you or anything but a 34 year old woman in my area had pneumonia and died from it.


sahmof3 - February 6

Mandee... I guess that's what's scaring me a little. Dh will be 40 this year... he needs to start really taking care of his health!!


sahmof3 - February 6

Rabbits... I am going to give it a try lol, but I never cry. Not that I don't want to... it just doesn't happen anymore. Sometimes I think I need a good cry, but I got nothin' :-o


krnj - February 6

Men are so stubborn! My dh is working outside today so he'll probably come home with pneumonia for sure!


Erynn21 - February 6

I don't want to sound like a nag, but he REALLY needs to wear a respirator when working installing that kind of product. I know from watching my dh have a serious allergic reaction from working w/ chemicals before we were even married. He came home wheezing like he was 90yrs old(he was 22), I really didn't know what was going to happen to him, it really concerned both of us. He ended up having basically a chemical residue overdose, and had to leave his job permanently. I still worry about the long term effects on his health. I just would worry about all that fine particulate getting into his lung tissue, it just isn't smart, my husband had all these problems and even was wearing the right protection, he is a firm believer in wearing a respirator. Now he works as an electrician, so it's not as bad he doesn't have to deal with the chemicals at all. If anyone is spraying paint or anything they leave the job, so his health isn't in as much jeopardy. I don't want to freak you out, but it just is wise.



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