OT I Really Want Another Tatoo

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mommyke - February 27

OK. I already have three (very small ones) from my crazy college years. But now that I have my DS I have this strange urge to get another one dedicated to him (his name, I don't know - something). Am I crazy? My DH would kill me - I think he thinks that his wife shouldn't have any, but hey he married me who has three! I guess I just can't watch Miami Ink anymore. what do you guys think... ever had the urge?


mischelly30 - February 27

Urge is an understatement. I have over 30 hours of work, spread over 5 pieces. I don't really have an opinion as to whether you should get a tattoo or what you should get. Just think about it a lot first, and if you decide you want one, get it. If DH loves you, he'll deal with it.


Topaz - February 28

I watched Miami Ink earlier tonight and now I have the urge to get another tatoo also! I already have one on my hip of a sun and moon. I think I want to get another one to represent my daughter. Maybe a little purple foot, like the hang loose foot. I don't know where to put it though. I think I'd also like to get another small tatoo, something to represent my dad who pa__sed away a few years ago too. I'm not sure what though. Like mischelly30 said, take the time to think about what you want to get.


Lalla - February 28

i totally know what you mean. I have a kanji sign of "happiness" on my ankle and would love to get something that refers to my dd - i was thinking maybe another kanji sign for wisdom (dd name is Sophia which means wisdom) or a little owl..... my dh said don't get it. we will see if I have the money when my birthdays comes around..... and if i by then have decided and talked my dh into it.........


pinkbo0tlace - February 28

hey - i just posted about tatts. I got my first tatt on Fri and now i want another one. I see where it is addiciting


soon2bemomof3 - February 28

haha, I have 2 and DESPERATELY want a 3rd. DH keeps saying no but it's MY body. I also watch Miami Ink all the time. I want something dedicated to my 3 children since I'm done having children now. Hahah, going to a bigger city trip this weekend, hmmmmm, maybe I'll get one then...hehehehe.



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