OT Just Got Bad News

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sahmof3 - January 24

I just found out that my dad's dental asst. (my dad's a dentist) went in for routine knee surgery on Monday. It was more involved than they thought it would be, so they kept her overnight (apparently it was to be outpatient). The next morning a nurse tried to wake her and she wouldn't wake up. She's still in a coma. She had a blood clot go to her brain and they think she is paralyzed on her right side (not sure how they know that if she's asleep, but that's what they are saying). Right now they give her a 50/50 chance of survival and if she wakes up they don't know what the extent of the damage will be. She's such a nice lady... always asking about my kids and stuff when I call my dad's office. This is so sad!


mcatherine - January 24

Geez - sorry to hear that. We'll keep her in our thoughts and say a little prayer. Hope all turns out well.


Kara H. - January 24

That is sad. Even when you are unconcious you can have responses to pain stimuli. That is probably how they are determining the paralysis. There are some great drugs out that there that can reverse some damage if they are given soon enough. They usually mess with you so much at the hospital during the night that maybe they caught her stroke shortly after it happened. I hope she is a good hosptial so she gets the best care.


SonyaM - January 24

That is so sad. Hopefully she will be one of the miracles that recovers fully.


Renea - January 24

That is so sad to hear--we just had a lady at our church have the same thing happen. She was 70 years old, knee surgery, clot, but sadly, she didn't make it.


Rabbits07 - January 24

Oh, that's so sad. An acquaintance of our family died a little over a year ago after having gallbladder surgery and a clot went to her heart...you just never know when it's gonna be your time :-(


Kara H. - January 24

Kind of makes you want to ask for low does blood thinners after surgery...


EricaG - January 24

I'm sorry. That hits kind of close to home with me. 2 days after I had my baby I had gallbladder surgery and I had complications with the surgery, a leak in my bile duct. While they were scanning my belly to see what was causing the pain they accidentally found a blood clot in my lung. I'm on blood thinners for it now. I'm only 19, so it can happen to anyone. I'm so sorry for her family and friends. :o( Unfortunately, no matter how routine it is, every surgery has it's risks.


ITSABOY - January 24

Oh my that is so sad.You never know when you will die so you should appreciate each day good gives us.I feel so bad complaining about little things now.


Kara H. - January 24

EricaG - hve you been tested for blood clotting disorders? If not insist on it. I found out after a pregnancy loss that I have MTHFR which causes blood clots. I will take baby aspirin forever. It is very unusual to have blood clots so young. MY sil had the same thing happen from the actual delievery 12 year ago, but just found out this year that she has MTHFR too. There are lots of different types of blood clotting disorders, but I would ask your doctor to run a panel on you or refer you to a hematologist. You have a lot of years in front of you, and you certainly want to know if you have a blood disorder.


EricaG - January 24

Kara H. Well, my doctor did run blood tests on me. I have two blood clotting disorders that run in my family. The MTHFR and Factor 5 leiden. I tested negative for both of those but I did test slightly abnormal on a factor 8, which I hadn't heard of. My doctor told me that this puts me at "normal" risk for getting another blood clot. I called him today and asked him to refer me to a hematologist. He will call me back later today. I'm hoping that the hematologist reccomends taking a baby asprin everyday or something, I wouldn't want to be on the coumadin for the rest of my life, I miss eating salads whenever I want, lol.


piratesmermaid - January 24

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear that!! Was the clot caused ny the surgery then? Gosh that's scary. We'll say a prayer for her too.


Lisastar9 - January 24

Yikes sorry to hear that.


ry - January 24

Oh, I am sorry to hear that. We will say a prayer for her. :(


ash2 - January 24

Wow, thats like a freak accident 1 Im so sorry to hear that !


rl- - January 24

oh gosh that is too bad I hope she recovers soon......


sahmof3 - January 26

Well, just thought I'd update, though there's not much to update... She's still unconscious, which in and of itself is not good. This is like the situation that everyone fears being in. My mom said her dh is very distraught, but I guess that's obvious. I have been putting off doing the whole living will thing, but this has me thinking...



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