OT Older Kids Desserts Everynight

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mcatherine - February 13

My oldest says that I am the only mother around that does not serve dessert after each meal. This cannot possibly be true. He gets dessert after special occasion meals, but thats about it. If he's hungry after dinner / before bed he is allowed to have a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. I honestly never thought about it. I didn't grow up getting a dessert on a Tuesday night for no reason, so I guess I just don't make dessert unless there is an occasion to do so. Can you imagine eating cake/cookies/pies, etc.. every night???? Honestly, do you make a dessert every night for your kids/family?


soon2bemomof3 - February 13

I'm with steph on this one. My dd (9 y/o) is usually full after dinner. Once in awhile she will ask for desert but NOT EVERY NIGHT.


Renea - February 13

I don't serve dessert after every dinner either. My kids will usually have a small snack about an hour after dinner before they get ready for bed.


LisaB - February 13

Growing up I always had a nsack before bed. My mom feed us really healthy but snack time before bed was always in summer ice cream, Dairy Queen, popcicles or push ups then the rest of the year we would have popcorn, pretzels, homemade cookies, brownies ect. I still have alittle something each night before bed with a gla__s of milk. However when we were kids we were skinny, active kids who literally ran nonstop 24/7 so there was never a weight issue.


mcatherine - February 13

OK - Ladies - it looks like I may win this battle hands down!!! (he's 11, btw) Steph - you would think I was ruining his life the way he went on and on about it this afternoon. I think he actually believed mothers were supposed to bake cakes everyday....hahahahahahaha!!!


LisaB - February 13

Just thought I would add we would also have healthy snacks to in summer I can remember picking berries and eating so many before bed I'd feel sick or we would all sit outside and eat watermelon as to not make a mess in the house. So it wasn't all c___p we ate- growing up all food items where home made no processed foods.


MM - February 13

I always got two cookies with lunch as well as something sweet after dinner. (Such as a Flaky or some other snack cake.) Because of that, I always have to end dinner with something sweet (it bothers me if I don't). It could be as little as one Rolo but I have to have something sweet.


k.p.j.e. - February 13

Ha ha, mcatherine...I think your son is messing w/ you. Sounds like the old "everyone else's mom lets them" act! I definitely don't and won't give dessert every night. I think you are on the exact right track! When he is older and in better shape than all his friends he will thank you! :) lol!


sahmof3 - February 13

No... we don't either. We have a big family dinner here almost every Friday night and we have dessert then... that's about it.


hello - February 13

My daughter has dinner at 5 and then has a sweet afterwards, custard, icecream.. whatnot..she is 20 months...she has the smallest amount really.... You guys have supper there, is that what u mean by dinner? Supper here is a 9pmish type thing.... Just curious.....and no i dont make the dessert, it is usually in a box or tin hah


hello - February 13

I just read the t_tle, older kids ...sorry


Bonnie - February 14

When we moved to Scotland, my husband's parents gave my kids sooo much candy and dessert. Every danged night. NO....desserts in my house are for special occasions. Maybe once or twice a week as well, but nothing big. Certainly not daily, lol.


apr - February 14

MC-the dessert I serve in my house even for special occasions is fresh fruits. I dont see why anyone needs ice cream or cake avfter a meal. Thats what I plan on doing when my kid(s) get older... not that I am against a snack here and there, but after a normal meal...no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha


apr - February 14

oohh u can give him a healthy granola bar. ya know what I mean? ooohhh he's turning into a teenager... I am so not looking forward to that stage, although they say girls are worse then the boys. hmmm


Rabbits07 - February 14

I've never done dessert every night. I do bake a cake once a week or cookies or something, but it's not an every night thing. The kids are allowed to have a piece of fruit after supper if they are still hungry.


Shea - February 14

Well, there was always a cake or cupcakes or ice cream at my house, but it wasn't like we were allowed to have it in unlimited quant_ties. I got into a bad habit w/ my stepsons, making sure to have dessert when they came over - and would always have something made. I grew up in the south and I feel like I should always have some sort of baked good to offer to guests (not that I have guests that often) but I remember my grandma having neighbors over for pie & coffee, etc., so I like to have it on hand. I applaud those who do fruit as a snack, and I do like fruit, but it's just not the same to me as a piece of homemade apple pie :)


mcatherine - February 14

Well, I am certain to win the battle that actually is still going on!!! It didn't really do me any good to give he and his friends cookies at 9am (we're snowed/iced in for the day...), but I think he reconized it as a "treat". He's certainly not a scrawny child and yes, apr - on the verge of becoming a teenager. (He's called a Tween right now, right?) but more importantly than his weight - I worry about his health and teaching him good life long habits about eating!!! Anyway, thanks for making me feel a little less like the horrible, monsterous, controlling mother I was portrayed as last night..... lol



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