OT Praise The Maker They Fit

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Christy - January 11

So, I just wanted to share that my favorite prepregnancy cargo pants fit me! I am sooooo excited and encouraqged by this. I still can't squeeze into my favorite jeans, but the cargos are a start! :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 11

Yay! What a great feeling!


tiffani - January 11

Good for you Christy. You sound kind of like me when I step on the scale in the morning. If I lost a pound, I can't wait to get to the gym that day, however, if I gained one, I just want to eat. Loosing weight is so motivating. I'm so jealous, i want to fit in my pre-preg. jeans. I'm still in sweats. :o)


Meredith - January 11

I have not been brave enough to try any pre-pg clothes. :)


Shannon - January 11

ugh, i'm jealous. i've been wearing sweatpants mostly still.


jg - January 11

well done. i had to wear my maternity clothes for about three months! bub is seven months now and in the last couple of months i have lost 8kgs. ano ten to go......how depressing. and i agree tiffani. i f i see weight loss then i go for a walk, a gain and i want to stuff myself with chocolate! weird.


Christy - January 11

I am going to wait b4 I try on my pre-preg jeans. I want to savor this little weight loss milestone. :)


Kristina - January 11

omg I was so happy thinking that I lost most of my weight...I only gained 15lbs and lost 18lbs by the time she was 8 days old...but I think I gained weight since then!! I don't have a scale but I got brave and pulled out my prepregnancy clothes..and my size 2 jeans don't fit anymore!!!!!!!!! =( It stinks! lol...anyways...congrats Christy! (b1tch...JK!!!)


The real Lissi - January 11

I'm jealous as hell too!!! I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever fit into pre-preg clothes again! I've lost a little since I gave up b___st feeding, because I don't feel like I have to stuff myself full of food anymore, but there's still lots of chocolate lying around the house from Christmas and I can't resist having a nibble. I'm a blimp!


melissa - January 12

Way to go, Christy. I know how you feel. I'd always been heavy, but once I got pregnant, I started losing weight--morning sickness/nausea was a constant in my pregnancy. My pre-preg weight was 193, went down to 178, then was 187 when I gave birth to dd. 2 weeks after birth I went down to 157 and have maintained that weight since (dd is 6 weeks old Fri). Who knew that the best "diet" for me was pregnancy! I've always been a bit of a contradiction!


Christy - January 12

melissa- good for you! That is great. I hope it stays off for good for you!


Kristina - January 12

LOL melissa! who could have known! "Pregnancy! The Perfect Diet!"


newmom - January 12

I didn't gain much weight in my pregnancy coz i'm a good looser than gainer, i came home after giving birth with my pre-pregnancy outfit and they fitted me well..i have been wearing my 0 size jeans since my son was 4 weeks and now they are loose coz they were loose before i was pregnant, i wish i could gain a bit..



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