OT Prayers Were Answered

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Anne - January 12

Near where I live, this 13 yr old boy was kidnapped earlier this week when he got off the school bus. The police found him in an apartment today. He was found with another boy that had been kidnapped 4 years ago!! We're all in shock around here. What is wrong with people? I can't even imagine what those poor boys have gone through. I pray for both kids and their families.


lexa - January 12

Im so glad there was a good ending here! Oh my god, 4 years ago? I saw the 13 yr old on the news this morning (well, the story) and was hoping all would turn out well. Imagine what they went through! 4 years! Who had them?


SonyaM - January 12

OMG, I just saw that on the news. Thank GOD they found him alive. I was really worried. Can you imgaine how screwed up that other little boy must be fore bing there for 4 years. Scary.


Emmie - January 12

wow we must live pretty close to each other. I live in Florissant-where do you live?


aurorabunny - January 12

Anne----I live in Kansas City..I heard about this on the news but didn't catch the whole story. Where in MO was it?


Emmie - January 13

The boys were found in a Kirkwood apartment(approx 30-45 min from downtown St. Louis) THe boy that was recently kidnapped was from Beaufort, MO and the one that had been there for 4 years is from Richwoods. Both boys were from small rural homes just blocks from there own house.


Anne - January 13

Emmie, I'm in St. Peters. Apparently that guy was a convicted s_x offender in Utah and did not register here like he was supposed to. My friend's former boss owns that apartment building they found the boys in. He said he had seen Shawn playing outside many times over the past several years. Of course, he had no idea it was Shawn and that he had been kidnapped. How sad.


Rabbits07 - January 13

Thank God they were both found! There are too many sick people in tjhis world....



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