OT The Computer Was Banned From Our Lives For Awhile

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jillianT - January 19

hi ladies. i haven't been on in several days. my family and i decided to take a leave of absence from the computer because it just seems like it totally takes over our lives sometimes. does anyone else feel guilty about the amount of time they spend online? i didn't really notice when i was at home w/ the kids, but now that i've gone back to work i just don't have the time for it that i used to and then when i decided to take a break it just seems like everyone is getting along better and we have more to say to each other. just wondering if i'm alone here or if others feel the same. also, have any of you taken breaks from getting online and did it make a difference in how you interacted w/ your families?


SonyaM - January 19

I feel like I should take a break or at least cut back but I am VERY addicted. Since I don't work outside the house anymore it is a nice way for me to interact with others.


lexa - January 19

I actually don't have the internet at home anymore. Until we sell our house (we currently have 2 mortgages) this is one of the things we cut back on. So now you see what I do at work, LOL! I miss it at home though. I liked it for my son. And the fact that you can check up on him at school through their website. Hopefully not too much longer. I agree with Sonya...it is very addicting. I would wait until my son went to bed and then go on and browse...so then I was up all night.


sahmof3 - January 19

I would like the will power to do that. Right now it is my one reminder in the day that there are other humans over 3 1/2 ft. tall out there lol.


jillianT - January 20

oh i totally understand. i don't know if i would have made it the first couple of months of dd's life w/ out the internet and this site especially. i was posting questions left and right and have every baby site i could find bookmarked.


EricaLynn - January 20

I think its nice to get away from the computer for a while. But at the same time I agree with sonya, its hard when you are at home all the time with baby. I ask questions on here all the time, and its a way to interact with people.


sophiasmom - January 20

Lexa, that's so cool that you can check your kid from the website. Do they have cameras in the actual cla__sroms? Is this a private school? I love to send my kids to a place that cameras to see them...


hello - January 20

Hey lexa, dont know where u are from but they spoke about doing it in child care centres here in australia... Now i dont work in the field anymore i have no idea if it ever eventuated, lots of debates on that too saying its unfair for staff to be watched like that if u know what i mean... With cameras on many would definitely be acting, where once upon a time they may have been nasty screamers and they r out there, however with a camera they would have to bite their tongue and play their nice role, its a great idea though i think... I get on the net at night and have a browse, it winds me down.... my daughter is asleep and its nice and quiet... When her dad was here we would hold hands and watch a movie so thats why i am here, i also go to google and read about toddlers sometimes, can have some issues with mine.... eating, behaviour etc... Coming here u learn u aren't alone also ...sahmom of 3 couldn't have worded it funnier or better. I rarely am on day time so i dont need a break from it, perhaps an hr or more at night ... obviously as i said when her dad was here it was maybe an hour or so per week......


lexa - January 20

I should have specified on the "checking their website". As of now, no cameras are in the school. They only post pictures. You get a pa__sword at the beginning of the year, and you can check his progress made online. You can see how he is doing in schoolwork and how his grades are so far (instead of waiting for the report card). It sounded cooler than it is, LOL! Sorry guys. It's not a private school.



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