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Deirdra - March 12

Ok so i have an IUD and it stopped my spotting ive had it for um....3 months? well i have my period now and its really weird..im like spotting but i spot more when i wipe and its VERY clotted...like i just wipe and had a HUGE clot must have been the size of a golf ball...no LIE! what could this be? Im not crampy and im not nascious at the moent at least...sorry way TMI!


Deirdra - March 12

its supposed to say ive


Steph - March 12

When I had my first IUD, I had the same problems. One of the downfalls of the IUD is that it can cause heavier periods and pretty bad cramping for the first year. I never had any that size, but if it continues, you should call your OBGYN and let them know. Golf ball sized, is pretty big, but if you continue to have small to moderate ones, it's a normal thing from the IUD. After you've had it in for six months to one year, it should really taper down.


Deirdra - March 13

my period is not heavy a all, its very light. its just very clotty...i didnt have any cramps either...more nascous....which is also weird...


Ciarasmom - March 13

I would call the doc right away to make sure this is normal. I heard big clots is a serious medical problem. I have no idea about this IUD and if it can cause them but it is better to be safe than sorry.


rl- - March 13

Hey you should have gotten a tubal like me i have not had my af since I had it done LOL!!


Renea - March 13

rl----a tubal will prevent a pregnancy, but it has nothing to do with not having a period. I have had a tubal and have had af since then (was delayed to b___stfeeding though). Are you b___stfeeding your lo? If so, that may be the reason you haven't had your period yet.


Smilefull - March 14

i also had the strange clotty period--spotiness thing (to get technical) however gol ball sized lumps are cause for worry--I'd go see doc ASAP. I remember after labour they said that if they are bigger than a quarter you need to see doc.



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