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chrissi79 - February 17

Is anyone else finding it REALLY frustrating and difficult to find clothes for the in between period (not maternity, but definitely not my old size...)??!!! I tried all afternoon yesterday to find ANYTHING to wear other than these torn up old joggers that I've been wearing since I came home from the hospital pretty much!! Even tops are sooo difficult! I feel like even the large sizes at stores where I used to be a small or medium are just not working!!! I lost over 20lbs since delivering not even 3 weeks ago, but still have another 20lbs roughly to loose....HELP, what are you other mom's doing????


Keli - February 17

I shopped at the goodwill or thrift store, to find a few items that would get me through till I could wear my old clothes.


Rhiannon - February 17

I have been wearing pajamas for about 6 months now. I refuse to buy new clothes and I refuse to give up hope and throw out my old stuff.


Erynn21 - February 17

I bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes bigger for the time being and have been wearing those stretchy gaucho pants. I'm almost totally back to pre-preggy, btw I am 5 months pp.


Kara H. - February 17

I wore maternity clothing until about 5wks pp, then I went shopping and bought a cute track outfit and a pair of jeans at walmart 2 sizes bigger than my pre-prego size. Then from there I just checked out the clearance racks everywhere I went and picked up tops for $2-$5 bucks. It took my about 6 months to get off those left over 20 lbs. I can get into my old jean size, but not the same cut. I can't wear my jeans as low as I could before at the same weight since my lower belly isn't quite the same anymore. I work at the salon at JCPenney and I bought lots of the SJB long and short sleeve T's (which are on clearance right now). They have a great cut - hourgla__s shaped but not clingy - and they come down long enough to cover the tummy bludge. I have to say, my $14 walmart bootcut jeans were my best purchase. Even if they were in bigger size than I ever thought I would wear, I felt great wearing real clothes.


SonyaM - February 17

I think this one of the biggest problems for women. I really struggled with this and I had to have real clothes because ater my first I went back to week 8 wks pp. I wish I had an answer for you but other than buying an entire new wardrobe I don't have any advice. I have never gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I seriously doubt I ever will.


k.p.j.e. - February 18

Lol Rhiannon...I went through this too, and I wore dumpy stuff until I lost as much weight as it took to get (squeeze) into a size 8. I didn't want to waste any $ on new clothes that wouldn't fit in a couple months. Lucky for me it was dead of winter so it was nice. Unfortunately, I'm due in April, so my awkward time will be in summer when all other girls are tan and wearing skimpy clothes...d__n it. Anyway my advice--be like Rhiannon and be comfy! Or be like Kara H. and just buy cheap jeans that are too big for later but fit now...so you can still go out in public.


Erynn21 - February 18

Yeah, those jeans I got are the same ones as Kara H. and I have noticed some of the same things, some of my pant fit and some never will again, my hips have gotten more round. Seriously though those gaucho pants or those other soft stretchy pants are so nice and they look flattering.


Nerdy Girl - February 18

I had one nice pair of Levis that were my transitional jeans, and I was wearing and washing them constantly. Baggy sweatshirts were also my friend. It was totally depressing to me when I had an awards dinner to go to when my son was 8 weeks old and I had to go buy a nice outfit at Lane Bryant. Now I am finally back in my prepreg clothes, but don't beat yourself up --- we have all been there!! And, you are only 3 weeks postpartum so definitely give yourself a break. It took me almost a year to get back into all of my prepreg stuff. Some stuff started fitting again after a few months, but definitely not all of my pants and jeans until relatively recently.


chrissi79 - February 18

Thanks ladies, I am not trying to rush things (although patience is a virtue I do NOT have...LOL) but just feel irritated in going anywhere because i literally have to wear the same friggin thing all the time!! Errrr....I need to just go out myself on e day I think and have a look, its frustrating going shopping with ppl that are fit and look great while I'm barely squeezing into anything...deep breaths...LOL :)


Kara H. - February 18

Chrissi - Don't worry about what other people are wearing or how they look. 80% of women will wear 2-3 clothes sizes bigger post partum. That doesn't mean that you will always wear that size. My OB (a woman in her late 30's w/ 3 small childen) said to let nature take its course the first two months. Don't cut tons of calories since it takes fuel to heal. Transition the next month into modifying your diet and start working out (baby should be sleeping better then too). Then for months 3-9 really put an effort into taking the weight off. This is when your metabolism starts to setting into a groove. Generally speaking, it will get much harder to drop weight once you are past 9 month PP so that is your target mark to be back at your pre-prego weight. I reached mine this month - 7 months PP, but I was 20lb over it at 8wks PP. So buy what size fits now, and don't squeeze into a size too small. It is much more flattering to wear something that fits - even if its in a much bigger size - than to force yourself into something too small.



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