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punkin01 - January 14

i am asking this question here because usually after someone has a baby they get their tubes tied then and i am almost 20weeks pregnant and THINKING about getting it done heres my delima........i have an (ex) friend i guess, she no longer speaks to me and wont return my calls, anyways she had her tubes tied and her youngest is 12 or so and she is very happy with her decision BUT hubby is not and since i had my DD that is 14 mos old and we go well i should say went around them he loved being around a baby again and when we would leave her hubby asks her why she had it done and he regreats it cuz he wants another baby then when i found out i was preggo again he started up again at her wanting a baby wanting her to have her tubes reversed and she said no but now she is worried that he will leave her for someone that can give him a child so she no longer talks or hangs out with me or will allow her 16y/o to babysit for me because then her hubby will bug her about her decision to tie her tubes..........i am now afraid that i or hubby may regret our decision in a few years has anyone else run into this problem????any advice or suggestions??? as of now i want to do it because i dont want to worry bout birth control and want to be able to provide well for our kids if there is more then they will not have as much ......and i feel our family will be complete now but i am afraid in several years that i may feel different sorry so long


Nerdy Girl - January 15

IMO, if you are afraid you will feel differently later on then you are not really sure you are done. Don't get your tubes tied until you know without a doubt that you don't want anymore kids.


sahmof3 - January 15

Agreed Nerdy Girl.


taral - January 15

How about getting an IUD? They work great and you don't have to worry about it at all. My dr. put mine in at 8weeks....hurt a little, but going through childbirth was WAY worse, lol!!! Or your dh could have vasectomy, less pain, and easier to reverse should you change your mind!!!


Rabbits07 - January 15

If you have any reservations about it whatsoever then don't do it.....I have talked to several women who are happy about getting their's tied even years later, but I have talked to just as many who regret it.


Nerdy Girl - January 15

Have you looked into Essure? Is that permanent?


maryl14 - January 15

i just had my 3rd my hubbies 4th we have all 4 kids with us and i got my tubes tied rigt after i had my son when i told my doctor i wanted my tubes tied he asked me a couple question like if one of you living children died would you want another or if you and your dh split do you think that you would want another child with a future partner and then he gave me a packet of info on several different choices and tod me to read it then if i was sure then i could sign the paper work which you have to do 30 before your due date and he also said that i could change my mind anytime before they actually did the surgery have you thought about mirena its good for 5 years and then you can have it replaced or if you decided later to have another baby all they have to do is take it out


rl- - January 15

well others have said wait and I think if you have a husband that your afraid will leave you if later on if he decides he wants more kids like your friends then I would say see ya but that is me I think if you and dh feel you have enough kids then well you most likely won't suddenly change your mind I am getting fixed at the end of the month if all goes as planned and i have 3 sons my dh has just one my other two are by my ex and my dh knows I don't want anymore and he told me tons of times he just wants the one and he knows I am getting done and I am doing the Essure procedure with can not be reversed so even if I wanted to I could not and I am not worried about it so good luck to you ( :


punkin01 - January 15

rl no i know my hubby would never leave me and i didnt mean to inply that ....i just wondered IF anyone ever had regrets after having it done i know we can afford the ones we have BETTER with it being only the 3 of them ( i have 3 --one from ex one with hubby and one on the way with hubby) if more is in the picture it will be hard to get by and i know now this is all i want but i am just wondering about the future i may feel different and i just wanted to see others feelings on it .......rl what is essure???


mcatherine - January 15

I was supposed to have mine done this past weekend and my husband is the one that had the change of heart (on Thursday of all times!! ). He said he was afraid I would regret it and want to try for a girl later.... I think it's him that wants a girl, to be honest, so for right now I guess our plans may have changed to getting an IUD instead.


christa0120 - January 15

since you ask...here is my opinion...If you want to tie your tubes because you are donethen do it. If for some reason something happens that you may consider having another...example...divorce or GOD FORBID something happens to one of your children...you could in theory have Invitro Fertilization or IVF instead of a tubal reversal. There are greater chances of success with IVF and is not as permanent as a reversal...but then you will need to worry about extra embrios if you have a lot extra (probably cheaper to do IVF in the long run too)


Jmom - January 16

I am glad that I saw this- I am also 21 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child (1st one is 10 months old). Dh is sure he doesn't want anymore kids- I am not 100% sure- I ask the same questions- what if something were to happen to me and Dh's relationship, would I want another and G-d forbid something were to happen to one of my kids, would I want another one. I have some serious considerations to think of!



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