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ZacsMommy - February 24

Our local radio station is having a Baby Idol (like American Idol) contest and the winner gets a membership to the local YMCA. Just wondering if you would vote for my Zac! The website is: http://www.moremusic1043.com/babyidol.htm (without dashes). I really need a membership to start working out! :) He's the baby in the white shirt, black pants, red vest and black bow tie. Thanks!!! :)


Faiths mommy - February 24

I voted what a cutie


ZacsMommy - February 24

Thanks! : ) I don't think we're going to win 'cause I didn't submit his photo until yesterday and the contest has been going on for a while. The one little girl has 300+ votes. Oh well. Thank for voting! : )


Dani aka Kamries mommy - February 24

I just voted too. Every vote counts!! He is very cute, I bet that if you could get everyone on here to vote then he would win!!! Good luck


ZacsMommy - February 24

Thanks everyone! I sure hope we win! I sure could use the membership to the Y to lose this baby fat! :) Thanks again!


Ca__sieSong - February 24

I'll go vote too. I hope everyone else does too. Free memberships are awesome! :-) Good luck!


Mommy - February 24

I voted for your little man. He's a little angel.


Elle - February 24

I voted for him too! What an angel!


MC SANTINOS MOM - February 24



HANNAHs Mom - February 24

Your handsome little guy got my vote too!


ZacsMommy - February 24

Thanks guys!!!!


Meredith - February 24

I voted for him...I wonder why that other girls got so many votes??? How kong does it run until it is over?


ZacsMommy - February 25

I'm not sure how long it is going on. I do know you can vote more than once though....I've been refreshing my screen but it only lets me vote every couple of hours. Thanks for the votes!


DANI - February 25

Hi ZacsMommy, I voted for your little guy......he is adorable! Love the outfit too. Where are you from that they have baby idol?


SHelly - February 25



ZacsMommy - February 25

Hi DANI. I'm from Minnesota (actually live on the border of Minnesota & North Dakota). I was kind of nervous asking people to vote. I figured for sure there would some rude comments, but now that we have to register it seems there's only the serious nice mommies in here! Thanks again for the votes!


Sian1 - February 25

I voted too! He's such a cutie! I must say, that 1st baby (the one with the 300-something votes) looks like a picture from an Anne Geddes card, doesnt look like a real photo.



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