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jendean00 - January 3

So I want to lose that last 15 pounds of pregnancy weight. I bought some Slimquick Hoodia. The ingredients are green tea, calcium & hoodia. Has anyone tried this or know someone who did and it work. I am also doing a low calorie diet in conjunction with it. I just need something to curve my appet_te. Thanks in advance.


jodie - January 4

Hey jendean00. I'm not sure what extent you want to go to, but I joined weight watchers and I have lost 24lbs so far. It's a great way to learn about eating healthy and to get the support from other ladies. I don't always make it to the meetings because I am busy with my 5 month old and 2 year old, but it's a great way to learn foods that fill you up but are low on fat/calories/etc!!! Goodluck!


jendean00 - January 4

Jodie, I did the online weight watchers at one time to lose all the weight I had gained from fertility and I guess I was not devoted to it or something because never really lost any weight with that. I love low calorie which is pretty much the same as weight watchers and I will eat the Smart ones meals or Lean Cuisines for lunch...even thought they are loaded with sodium...my problem is I am hungry 30 min after I eat. i just need something to curb my appet_te along with a healthy diet and exercise. I don't know hopefully this will work. It has natural ingredients which I wanted so I guess we will see.


Tink - January 4

unfortunately i don't think many of these 'pills' work, if they did, they would be sold out and everyone would be using them and be thin.......i agree weight watchers is great and if my own plan doesn't see results, i plan to use them. I think exercise is a key and i have already started back to the gym- i really missed lifting weights while on fertility treatments for a year (i was too worn out from side effects) and then the pregnancy. being in the gym again feels great! i am also walking a half marathon wtih my BIL who is overweight, so i am helping him train for that. Instead of loading up on frozen meals which aren't great for you, try other options instead and choose foods known for keeping you satisfied- like oatmeal in the morning and not the prepackaged kind, make the real kind. at lunch, try a hearty chicken or turkey sandwich with veggies or fruit. Almonds (raw, no salt or coating) are my all time favorite snack and great protein- they really fill me up and actually have been a great replacment for my salt craving (when i would usually grab chips). i also keep those 100 calorie snack packs of foods at work in case i want something light. i also pop air popcorn at work, no b___ter as a snack to hold me over. and the all time thing that helps me is drinking WATER. drink a ton, it will fill you up too- sometimes you aren't really hungry, you are thirsty and don't know it and the water will fill you up. those are just a few tips i use to help. I've tried a lot of the pills, dexatrim etc. and none of them ever helped me. only exercise and drinking more water have worked for me. i am a picky eater (don't like salad or a lot of veggies), so i never diet, but i do try and make smarter choices and choices that FUEL my body so i stay full longer. good luck! i have 5 more lbs of baby weight to lose and then 15 that i gained prior to pregnancy from IUIs, clomid and IVF treatments, oh joy! ;)


jendean00 - January 4

I feel you on the fertility weight gain. I did clomid and injectables and got pregnant with the IUI I drink a lot of water at least 6 bottles a day. I really don't think any of these over the counter work either. But hey its worth a shot. Thanks for the tips on snack foods


ImpatientMommy - January 4

Nothing over the counter will work if it's not going along with a low calorie diet so it's hard to say if it's even doing anything or if it's the diet you're on doing the work. I know A LOT of people who have done Weight Watchers and have been really successful with it, but you REALLY gotta strictly stick to it.



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