OT What Are Ya Doing For The Day Of Love

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ash2 - February 11

We are going out to dinner and a movie, not sure yet which one. Anyone else doing anything more exciting ?


mandee25 - February 11

We were going to do that too but now not sure if we can get a babysitter.


jillianT - February 11

prob. the same. i wish i could think of something more interesting, but it's better than nothing, right?


dee23 - February 11

we were going to go to a drive in movie. that way we can bring ds. then we yhought about going out for dinner, but instead have decided to just make something extravagant on the barby at home. out prezzies to each other are going to be delayed as we are getting married in 3 weeks and have no time to shop!


^lucy^ - February 12

i was thinking what to do!! we have been married for 1 1/2 years so last valentines i was preggo with my 9 months old baby now.. we went for a romantic dinner by the pool side and it was amazing.. the year before we were engaged and we went on a romantic dinner as well in a fancy hotel restaurant and it was nice too.. this year im planning a stay at home romantic thing.. im planning to get a movie and prepare a candle lit dinner with flower petals over the dining table and u know those stuff.. i have my sis and SIL who would watch my baby for me so this is great.. as for gifts, i got my dh a set of a wallet and a key chain with my name, his name, and our dd's name engraved on them (he wanted a new wallet) i got him a valentine's day card and a red love devil teddy :p my dd got dh a frame saying "daddy's little angel" with her pic inside :)


piratesmermaid - February 12

Why do we have to come up with the plans for v-day? Why can't the hubby surprise us with plans? ;) I think we're going to take Gretchen to pick out a BuildABear then hubby's going to cook dinner (for once!) and I got some lingere (sp?). That's it.


ry - February 12

Changing diapers, making lunch, giving baths, cleaning, then going to work ;)


KLC - February 12

Are you kidding???? My dh is so NOT romantic that I usually get a card with a scratch off ticket in it :( I am so jealous of those of you that have hubbies that put some thought into it!!!!


mosley12 - February 12

nothing so far. we dont have a babysitter, so we will probably wait til this weekend when we have one lined up. i dont even think we are exchanging gifts, because dh bought be the new dooney and bourke purse last week, and he just got some designer sungla__ses, and a new flat screen tv and home theater system, so i dont want to spend the money on more gifts, since we are saving up for a down payment on a house. he usually gets me a really nice peice of jewelry and flowers, but i think flowers re a waste of money..lol..they are pretty but id rather spend the money on something else, especially since they are so expensive on valentines day...i told him he better atleast get me a card..lol..but most likely we'll put dh to bed, order take out, and eat together, which is something we rarely do!


ssmith - February 12

Pooh. If my not-so DH gets me card for Valentine's Day, I will be shocked. I doubt that he will get me card.....heck....if he even utters the words "Happy Valentine's Day" to me....I will be amazed.


Shea - February 12

We are expecting yet another winter storm, and so I reminded dh that he probably won't be able to run out that morning and get me a card as usual, lol. I think cards will be about it, but I did get ds a stuffed dog and card for his 1st Valentines Day.


Shea - February 12

Ok, sorry, not really 1st Valentines day, since he was born in Jan, but first one that I will get him a present for, :)


Rabbits07 - February 12

I have to work :-( Blah! Hopefully, everyone will be visiting nice restaurants and we won't be very busy so I can close and get out of there early!


Nita_ - February 12

I got a card from me and a bear with chocolates from my dd. I'm so lost as to what to give him! Maybe I'll bake him a chocolate cake shaped like a heart..oh wait, I dont have a mold..maybe I'll just cut it out after it's baked! Hope it turns out ok! He's got work and then school after that, so I won't see him until 9:30pm! And it's so cold outside to take my dd out and shop for something special like a photo frame that ^lucy^ has.


USMC_wife - February 12

Dh surprised me with me getting to have my hair done, (which is long overdue) after which I get to go and buy a new outfit for him to take me out somewhere. He won't tell me what though, and the suspense is killing me! I love my DH for doing this for me!


bchflwr - February 12

USMC wife, your husband sounds like mine. Every once in a while he will make this elaborate evening and won't tell me anything but to wear a nice dress (and before ds to pack an overnite bag, guess that is how we got here! haha). Since Valentines Day is my bday, we are officially moving valentines day until the 23rd, a day we are both off. I got him a box of chocolates and a card and am surprising him with a couples ma__sage and lunch. He will probably take me to a romantic dinner. At least he better!


vonzo - February 12

Well my hubbys working :o( But CyndiG and i have a hot date. i'm going to crowbar myself into my little black number, slap some lippy on, wait by the computer and see what happens GGGGRRRRRRRRRR!! ( with the time difference i'll probably be waiting a long time though ) ....



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