OT What Did You Do With Your Money

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ash2 - February 10

What did everyone do with their tax return ? I bought new tires, caught up on all our utility bills, bought some jeans, put back money for the kids clothes, and put more money back for things like toiletries and groceries for next month.....We also put back money in savings. Oh yeah, and i paid off my cell phone bill.....i think i have a little " spending money " left. However, i feel like all of it is already gone ! What else did everyone do with theirs ? just curious...


mandee25 - February 10

I haven't even got all my T4 slips yet so I can't get them done. We probably won't be getting any back this year otherwise I would be putting it on our credit card debt.


Rabbits07 - February 10

Well, mine is still nice and safe in some computer system somewhere....but when I do get it we are going to use some towards getting dh a truck. I'm also going to buy a new stove and pump system for our pool. I will also put back some to get the kids some clothes for warmer weather.


AshleyB - February 10

We did ours right away and got our return a couple weeks ago. We paid of our Lowe's and Home depot charge cards. We did alot of home improvements last year, including new cupboards, windows, carpet and paint and flooring. We also had a couple of dates. Other than that, just caught up on everything and it's gone already. :( It feels good to have those bills gone though.


ash2 - February 10

I know what you mean ashley....it fels good to get those tires i have been putting off as well as that alignment an oil change on my car.....im so glad we are caught up on the utilites. We were like 2 months behind.


Shea - February 10

Well, I haven't filed yet, yes the accountants are always last, but I figured out what it was going to be with my handy tax projection program at work, and had them stop w/h for the last 3 checks so I had some extra xmas $$ (about 1/3 my refund) When I do get around to filing, I am going to get a new patio set and use the rest for vacation.


aurorabunny - February 10

Ours is almost gone too. =( It goes so d__n fast!! We borrowed money from my grandparents on the day after Christmas so we could get everything we wanted to buy with our tax money really cheap. So most of the money just went to pay them back. We got a new crib, a digital camera and memory card, a new computer monitor (mine was turning yellow and purple and was REALLY old), a video baby monitor, a new vacuum, a lawn mower (we didn't need one at our old place), and got a security system installed. Some fun things in there, but mostly just stuff that we needed.


mosley12 - February 10

i got a new designer purse and dh got a huge tv, paid of our credit card bill, and put the rest in savings!


KLC - February 10

paid off a credit card bill - we are officially out of debt if you don't count the mortgage...lol. Put some in savings and dh and I are going on a cruise with another couple in the fall......can't wait!!!


SonyaM - February 10

We haven't finished ours yet. Hopefully soon. I doubt we will get anything back but that's okay as long as we don't have to pay I'll be fine.


sahmof3 - February 10

You ppl are on top of things. We have barely started doing ours!


sahmof3 - February 10

We still have until April 15th, right lol? Guess we are the only procrastinators.


Felisha - February 11

i am afarid to spend our because as soon as the money is gone there is an emergency


Shea - February 11

Sahmof3 you are not alone, half my clients not only wait until April, but extend and file in October. Mostly people that owe money, though, but not all. We didn't even start processing returns until Feb1, because 99% of our clients have a lot more they are waiting on than a W-2. For mine, I was waiting on student loan interest statements, which Sallie Mae didn't even have online until Jan31st! I guess also so many places will use your last pay stub to do it - which I think is crazy, since I used to run a payroll service and know that your W-2 may have changes from your last pay stub. I guess it's just a way to get it faster, since employers don't have to send out W-2s until Jan31st.



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