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jolou - March 5

In a recent post, someone mentioned that they had learnt something about themselves from a reaction they had to something someone else had posted... This got me thinking... What has motherhood, and/or this forum taught you about yourself? Since becoming a mother I've learnt that I'm far more capable than I ever thought I could be, and that I actually can survive with a lot less sleep than I was getting! This forum has taught me that even if I feel I have the stupidist question, that I really shoud know the answer to, other people won't treat me like I'm stupid and should know better. It also reinforces that there is no specific right way to do things, and everyone handles different situations a little differently - handy when my MIL tells me SHE never did it that way, and she raised SIX children!!


CyndiG - March 5

Motherhood has taught me, that nothing else in the entire world matters except your babies. Not the size of your house, the kind of car in the driveway, the name of the jeans on your behind, what the heck your mil thinks, or even your mother for that matter. The only thing in life after you are gone will be your babies! And the only thing that will remain of you will be the memories and traditions that they hold dear and pa__s on to their babies.


Crisi P - March 5

Sarah has taught me patience, lots and lots of patience. She's also showing me how important family is and now more than ever I want to move closer to my parents.


mandee25 - March 7

Well said CyndiG! Motherhood has taught me that I am a capable person who can be patient, compa__sionate and more loving that I ever thought possible. It really has made me appreciate my mother and other really great mothers who do their best each and every day. Parenting is the hardest job in the world but the most interesting and rewarding. This forum has taught me that I SHOULD reach out for help when I need it and that no concern I have about my baby is too much. Our job is to take care of our kids and if we think something is wrong not to hesitate to resolve the problem. Good idea for a thread jolou!


luviduvi - March 7

Good Thread!!! This forum has taught me that I am really an Insider. My thoughts and views are solid and like many others. I believe that this forum was made on purpose by a higher power because of this very reason. I am not an internet junkie but somehow I found you all. Thank You.



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