OT What The Heck Is This Bump

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Kara H. - March 13

I have had a mysterious bump show up on my side today. I just found it while undressing. I know it wasn't there this morning in the shower, and I am fairly certain it wasn't there this afternoon while trying on clothes during a shopping trip. It almost looks like a large under-the-skin zit, but it has a soft texture like a burn blister. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and I can feel discomfort in that spot without touching it, and it is very painful to the touch. What the heck to could it be?


flower.momma - March 14

Eeeeew, no, just joking. Maybe it's a boil? I have had those before, they're usually hard though. I had a staph infection once and even after a round of heavy duty antibiotics I would get boils in randon places. They were very painful. Maybe an allergic reaction to something? I hope you feel better soon!


LollyM - March 14

sounds like a boil like flower.momma said, or it could be a cyst, but those are hard too. hmm... could it be a blister? is it where your pants rub? or maybe it is a zit? sorry, don't know what to tell you really, keep an eye on it and it will probably end up looking more like "something" lol, that sounded weird, but it's the best I could explain it!


Kara H. - March 14

Ya know, it looks an awful lot like a large chicken pox blister. I have aleady had chx pox, which has got me wondering if it might be shingles. But I would have more, then just one bump. wouldn't I?


Smilefull - March 14

It could be a spider bite. They go away on their own. You might be left with a little mark there


DB - March 14

My FIL had shingles a few months ago and he had two big bumps...his looked like spider bites though, but it was shingles. So, maybe you can only have 1???


Kara H. - March 14

I have a followup appt. with my doctor for the 19th to go over some test results. I called the office about my bump because my whole side hurts too bad to hold Max on my hip. The nurse said that it sounded like shigles to her, so they are moving up my appointment to tomorrow - something about having to take the medication within 72 hours if it is shingles



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