OT What Would You Bring

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Renea - February 8

If you were going to be stranded on an island and could only bring one thing, what could you not live without?


LisaB - February 8

My dh and ds oops that two things but they are a package.


Renea - February 8

I'll start---a book--because I would finally be able to read and have peace and quiet.


sahmof3 - February 8

Do they have satellite-connected laptops? I'd bring that so that I could e-mail for help, but tell them not to come for me for a month ;-)


apr - February 8

my cellphone. haha


shelly22 - February 8

Hi Renea, maybe you should ask the same question but without the answer being a person, I think everyone will write their lo. That would be my answer!! If it could be a nonperson, I would have to say a big book of soduko (sp?) I just started doing these about a week ago, and I'm addictied. It would keep me busy and my mind going!!


piratesmermaid - February 8

I'm with sahmof3!!!


Renea - February 8

sahm--lol. I was thinking maybe a cell phone wouldn't be a bad thing either. At least you could still talk to your loved ones--and ignore those you wish not to talk to. And still call for help when bored and ready to go home.


olivia - February 8

A boat?


Renea - February 8

Good idea Shelly--no little ones or dh's allowed. Has to be non-human


mcatherine - February 8

My toothbrush.


LisaB - February 8

A big fluffy pillow so I could take an snooze anytime.


shelly22 - February 8

ha ha Olivia, good answer!! LOL


apr - February 8

MC-what good does a toothbrush do if you have no toothpaste? haha gotcha


USMC_wife - February 8

tampons. I would hate to be stranded without some of those!


KLC - February 8

A hammock to spend all that free quiet time in!!!!!!!


Emily - February 8

Oh yes, my kids would be my answer, but of course my slefish non person answer would have to be bathroom stocked full of good books. What I wouldn't do for an ENTIRE hour to soak in a hot tub and read. My husband always tells me to go take a long hot bath, but he always send my two year old up after about 15 minutes,,,,,



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