OT Worst Valentines Day EVER

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Amandanbaby - February 15

Anyone else have a c__ppy Valentine's Day? I spent $30 on him for balloons and candy and some new jammies ;) and he didn't get me anything! He didn't even tell me Happy Valentine's Day! I got him stuff from me and our son, things for my son, and my dad (who is living with us right now) and. My dad ran up to Walgreens last night after I got home and got me a beanie baby Panda bear. I didn't expect anything from my dad but come on...I was so mad yesterday I went to bed early...by myself. It's not like this is our first holiday together...he knows better! Anyone else have a c__ppy day they want to vent about? Or a good day you wanna brag about lol (j/k)


sahmof3 - February 15

I think around here it sucked for the florists!!! The roads were icy and dangerous... I guess they delivered flowers, but I'm not sure... but I bet they took a hit since V-day is their biggest day. My neighbor had a good day AFTER her dh got home. He called her to say he was on his way home and said where he was (not far from here)... well an hour later he still wasn't home and wasn't answering his cell. She was scared to death... later she found out he was out buying V-day stuff lol. She about killed him ;-) DH and I don't do anything for V-day, so no personal stories to share.


mommyke - February 15

Nope, Nothing, NADA here either. Didn't even get a Happy Valentine's Day. No acknowledgement whatsoever. But my relationship is in the c___pper anyway so I wasn't expecting much. I just gave DS some extra love - he's the love of my life now!


mosley12 - February 15

i left dh. i think i got you beat..lol


ashtynsmom - February 15

My dd got me a guardian angel figurine with her birthstone on it, and dh got me a stuffed bear holding a chocolate candle. I got him hunting gloves and boxers... and we got dd a Dora Valentine Book. We didn't do anything.. in fact, he ordered pizza so I didn't have to cook, and it made us both sick!! No s_x for us on V-day!!


Trina_ - February 15

My husband has been out of town all week. We exchanged gifts on sunday before he left. He got me candy, a stuffed bear a super cute cards from him and one from our daughter. He called me when I was just about to leave for work to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.....Then..he had flowers delivered to my work yesterday! It said..."To my Girls!" Boy do I love him!!!!!


rl- - February 15

well dh did not get me anything either but we went out last weekend to dinner and a concert (Stevie Nicks) with some friends and that was more or less for V-day but last night we were finally able to get busy after of a couple of weeks of not being able to since I had gotten a tubal done and had to abstain for a couple of weeks so it was great to finally be able to "do it" again LOL...and after dh rolled my eyes in the back of my head LOL he looked at me and said "happy valentines day" LOL so that was my gift!!! (better than chocolate!!)LOL!!!


Lchan - February 15

My husband and I don't celebrate V-day. We have a great relationship and just about every day is v-day for us. He usually sends me flowers a few months after v-day. It means much more to me that I receive these unexpectantly and because he is thinking of me, then because he feels obligated to do this on a specific date. I did get a stuff for our son including a cute "Future Heartbreaker" cap from Old Navy, and I always get cards, stickers, and goodies for my nieces. Its a big deal to them and I want them to enjoy it.


Lchan - February 15

Just read my post above and it seems a little smug, which wasn't my intention. I hope I didn't offend anyone. My intention was that perhaps your dh didn't want to feel obligated to express his love on a particular date. You know how men are. It has to be THEIR idea!


krnj - February 15

I had a c___ppy Valentines day too. Ds has been sick all week and we had a snowstorm here. I'm pregnant & hormones are flying so I really wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Not to mention that dh was up coughing all night. Hopefully next year will be better!


olhdw101 - February 15

Me and my husband got in a enormous fight, I took the dozen roses he bought me and chucked them in the garbage bin…..we slept in different rooms last night…oh, and both my daughters were sick with the flu….lucky me!


mandee25 - February 15

I didn't get a card either or anything else. I got dh a card and once he discovered I was upset he wrote me a love letter/homemade card. I don't really like Valentines day. It's just another highly commercialized day to me. I am the OFFICIAL valentines day scrooge!


jas - February 15

Mine was ok... dh is TDY and not here. I have since traveled back to SC and am with my inlaws... dh gave me a chocolate rose before he left... Come to find out, the dog ate it. Got to talk to him on the phone a little... It was lonley, but ok...


EricaG - February 15

I had the WORST valentines day EVER. So, I had this ERCP (a procedure where they go down my throat with a big tube to look in my bile duct and then cut the little muscle in there to let gallstone pa__s through more easily) This was scheduled for 12:30 on Valentines day, but I had to be there at 11:30. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. So I go in and because they got mixed up on what anesthesia I needed to have (I needed general anesthesia where they have to put you all the way out and they usually use conscious sedation which doesn't work on me) so anyway, because of that mix up they had to reschedule me for later that day at 5:00 P.M. I had to stay in the hospital room the whole time and I was still not allowed to eat or drink anything. Well, I get the procedure done at 5 and spend 2 hours in the recovery place and then 1 hour in my room and then I get discharged. Well, I got home at about 9:00 P.M. and was still not allowed to have anything to eat or drink but I forgot and took some tylenol to help with the discomfort. Well, at 10:00 P.M. I started having really severe abdominal and chest pain and vomiting so we paiged the doctor and he said to call an ambulance and get me to the E.R. because he could have perforated the bowel or I might have pancreat_tis. So my husband calls 911 and it takes them forever to get there and they sent a firetruck first, then the ambulance came about 15 minutes later. I was so sick and in pain that I couldn't walk out to the ambulance and they couldn't fit the gurney up the stairs of our house because they twist so they had to wrap me ina blanket and carry me out in that. So then they put me in the ambulance and this stupid paramedic had to try 4 times to get my IV in (ok, I admit I have tiny veins and was dehydrated so it might not have been his fault) when we got to the hospital the pain started to subside but the doctor did bloodwork and an x-ray to make sure everything was ok and they didn't find anything wrong (thankfully) but we didn't get out of the E.R. until aobut 2:30 A.M. And by then i hadn't eaten or drank anything in 28 hours but I just went to bed without eating or drinking anything anyway. I woke up and finally ate at 10:00 this morning, but I'm only allowed to eat soft foods today. Anyway, that was my worst valentines day ever. But my husband was a big sweetheart, he got me a card in the morning, a card came with a fruit bouquet he had delivered to me (even though I can't eat it until tomorrow, lol) and he got me a get well card and a pair of diamond earrings.


b - February 15

My dh is a real a__s. He always waits until the last minute and I'm really sick of that. I've had fights with him over this before and when he waits until the last minute and then runs out of time he just says oh well or does something meaningless. Yesterday I woke up and sat there waiting to see how dumb he'd been and sure enough he hadn't been prepared. I cried extra hard on purpose for a long time. He kept explaining that valentines day was all day and he was going out to buy something. he did but big deal. I say there's no thought in it when they either have to be told or do everything at the last minute. Needless to say I'm not lovin him right now. Why are so many men like this? Yes I know there will be all kinds of women posting in about how great their husbands are and how sweet they were treated but I know a lot like my dingdong. Amandanbaby I hear ya.


Deirdra - February 15

LOL! Im with ya hunni...Ds was cranky all day then we ended up in the ER for a few hours...but all togethr not a happy vday from hubby..i got him a very nice card and candies and a tedy bear and i made him a nice dinner and homemade cheesecake and i got c___p! not even a thank you..also this is my FIRST married valentines day and our sencond one together too....


Topaz - February 15

Yep, mine was c___ppy too. Dh was sick all week. I went out and got him a card and a box of chocolates. I got dd a little teacup with a teddybear inside. I got nothing. Then to top it off dh had to leave to go work on a project out of town. Then today I found out he went out drinking all night with a bunch of his buddies. I stayed home with dd and had a microwave dinner. (kitchen is in the middle of remodel). It was a fun one all right.



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