OT Accident In Front Of Dh Amp FIL

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srigles - February 10

My husband and FIL were out snowmobling today. The guy in front of them lost control of his sled and flipped off of it, right in front of an oncoming snowmobile, who ran over top of him. My FIL (who's a retired cop) rushed over and started CPR on the guy, but he didn't respond at all. He said it looked like he broke his neck. Finally the paramedics arrived, but dh and my FIL don't know if they managed to revive him or not. Trev was so shaken up when he called me, and it scared the h__l out of me, because that could have been HIM so easily. It just made me realize how short life can be - and that someone might not have a husband/daddy/brother/etc coming home tonight. How sad for that family - someone going out for a fun day with some friends, and having something like that happen. It really makes you appreciate the people in your life and how fast something can change it.


mosley12 - February 10

im so happy your dh and fil are ok!


mandee25 - February 10

It really makes you think doesn't it? It's so sad for that man's family. I am grateful my dh doesn't snowmobile.


ash2 - February 10

I know what you mean. My husband races motorcycles for a hobby and i dread everyday when he leaves the house that he is okay. I know that god watches over him though. Yesterday DH told me that when he was 8 years old he wittnessed 5 people getting run over by a train and he had never told me that before.


srigles - February 10

ash2, that's so sad. Something like that must have been so traumatic for anyone to see, let alone an 8 year old boy. Apparently my FIL is taking this accident today really hard (who wouldn't?), since he was the first officer on the scene of his brother's car accident twenty years ago. His brother died, and apparently today's accident brought back some pretty bad memories for him.


BaileysMummy - February 10

That's scary. My dh competes in compet_tion four wheel driving. He's a motor mechanic and has built a $60,000 modified nissan patrol. There are risks at every comp of rolling......although it is built with a complete rollcage I still worry. The last comp he went to the engine caught on fire. He has one next week end.....the worst thing is I have not been able to go since before I was pregnant :( I do love the sport.


torbman - February 10

sringles, you are in Ontario right? Where abouts did you say again? We have had over 4 feet of snow in 4 days. And its snowing again.


KLC - February 10

That is awful. My husband is an avid sledder and I worry about him everytime he and his friends are out. It can be a dangerous sport.


srigles - February 10

Torbman, it happened in Oro-Medonte township. And the guy didn't survive. Turns out both my dh & fil tried CPR, but he was already gone. It's so sad.


torbman - February 10

Thats so sad. Too much of that happens this time of year. I think not too long ago, an older man crossed the road on his snowmobile, with his wife right behind him, and he ran right into oncoming traffic which was a transport truck.. I am kinda glad my hubby doesn't have one.



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