OT American Idol

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LisaB - January 18

Did anyone watch it last night? Are these people for real? Ok this has nothing to do with child care but my ds was in bed and its a guilty pleasure of mine hehe. I just don't understand how you could be so clueless.


vonzo - January 18

it's not on until Friday night here lisa so i'll let you know then! :o)


BreaunasMommy - January 18

I think some of those people are just trying to get on tv lol at least I hope so


SonyaM - January 18

It just shows how rampant mental illness is in America. I mean come on, if those people truely think they can sing they have been lied to by their family and friends. So sad but hysterical.


laurenl - January 18

Funny you mention that because I just posted something a little while ago on another page about American Idol. On my way to work this morning, a radio station morning show was talking about American Idol. They played a clip from the nerdy guy (I don't remember what he sang), but he was the one that kept putting his hand on his hip. Anyways, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and normally, my baby girl isn't too active in the morning. But when they played the clip of him singing, she starting going crazy. Bouncing all around. It was quit funny. Apparently she didn't like him either!


kellens mom - January 18

I watched part of it last night but found myself a little bit upset that the "stars" are so cruel to people who obviously have issues. At first I thought it was funny...now I am not enjoying the "pre-show" as much. The more I thought about it, the more I became upset. Would I want my child saying those things to someone with "special" issues? It is disturbing and funny...which results in a dilema for me morally. For the record, I am not against criticism of people who are honestly looking to improve...like the normal everyday folks that actually make it on the show. I feel for the weaker souls that have mental issues and obviously no talent.


Erynn21 - January 18

I agree w/ Sonya these people have been lied to or much of our country is mentally ill, actually I think it's more ppl are completely tone deaf. I personally like the chick who called herself "Hotness." I really wanted to give the Darwin/Misha lady a bra, come on you're on national television a bra would be nice. I am completely guilty of watching this c___p, but I have since day one, lol. My dd also was watching and I could tell even at 4 months she knew alot of those ppl are just plain awful(her daddy sings to her and he has a great voice, she knows the difference of good and bad.) Anyway I just had to post.


LisaB - January 18

It actually annoys me the people that go on and suck soooooooo bad its a singing compition, come on folks if you can't sing don't show- If you do you are an open target shoot its been on for how long everybody that goes knows Simon and the judges can be ruthless and cruel and yet they subject themselves time and time again. Now if any of these people are mentally challenged then its just plain sad that there isn't someone in their lifes that would stop them from being subjected to the cruelity. I can't wait til the actual good singing starts I have a feeling all these bad singers are going to get old real fast. Erin I'll pitch in for a bra with you!! Gross


Erynn21 - January 18

I know I could hardly look at her, it was pretty bothersome, I just couldn't believe someone would go on looking like that. I mean I can hardly walk around my house without a bra, let alone in public. I know it might sound awful, but it was really bad.


LisaB - January 18

Like mother/ like daughter how weird!! What do these people do for a living? I know I would never hire someone with big old b___bies and no sense to trap them. I still wear a bra to bed. sheesh


vonzo - January 18

i'm looking forward to watching it now :o)


Erynn21 - January 18

At least the mom was wearing a bra, the daughter obviously had NEVER worn a bra. She was a writer, lol, her and her mom were writing a novella about a singing compet_tion, weirdos.


BriannasMummy - January 18

It just makes me shake my head for these people to come on here and belt out something that is supposed to be singing.. and they honestly believe that they have an amazing talent. My favorite was the Amish guy in the suit!!! He made me have a good giggle! I feel bad that people have lied to their face over and over.. i cant even believe their friends and family would allow them to come and belt it out.. when they know d__n well that their son/daugther/neice/nephew cant sing in tune if their life depended on it. I find it amusing.. one of my guilty pleasures! ~Kristin~


rl- - January 18

I think most of it is fake and i am sorry I know you love the show but I think it has about run it's course atleast that is what I have been hearing from like my co-workers and friends seems like it is getting old and people are just coming on to see how dumb they can be to get on tv but keep enjoying it LOL!! ( :


vonzo - January 18

I have a friend who always auditions for the brittish version, he's terrible but not terrible enough to get on tv and he genuinely thinks he's the bees knees. Everyone tells him he's rubbish but he says we're just jealous. I say leave them to make fools of themselves and enjoy the tv carnage!


ashtynsmom - January 18

I LOOOVVVEEEE I Idol too!! I coldnt' help but laugh last night when the poor kid with the big eyes was on there and Simon compared him to one of those tree monkeys. I felt bad, but the evil side of me took over, and I laughed my a__s off!! His poor friend though... I was glad they were kind to him. He truly was mentally challenged, and the judges knew it. I think they know the difference- and I was pleased they were nice to him. Then there was " RED". I thought he was going to pull a gun and shoot all 3 of the judges!!


Emily - January 18

Ok I am looking forward to watching it now….I tivo'd it. I watched part of it this am getting ready for work. My two year old likes to watch the singing show….I am starting her off bad aren't I? Lol! So the lady with the bra issue, are we talking about the blond lady that they bought her mom in for? Casue that was gross. I love all the people that quite their jobs cause their bosses wouldn't let them off. I think it was Tuesday night, but the poor girl whose boss flew her and her sister to MN and the judges said she was tone deaf. And the poor guy who was a voice instructor or something. They were nice at frist but the guy kept pushing and Randy pretty much went off on him and told him he should give people a refund….I must admit I have never watched the show before, but I think I am hooked…..



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