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LisaB - January 12

Ok I know its going to sound silly but when my sister and I were little my dad made us this AMAZING barbie house he built it all himself with amazing detail I mea down to spiral staircase details and my mom made curtains for it and well I'm a bit attached to it. Well today my sister calls and tells me dad is going to take it to her house for her three boys ok one is a newborn but her two boys- her boys ruin everything. Not to be mean but they do I wanted to keep that in our family to hand down what if I have a girl? It will be ruined b the time she would get it. My sister had a push toy from when I was a baby that she let her kids destroy. I'm probably being really silly but I don't have sentimental attachments to hardly anything but this is one and its bugging me what do I do? Oh I'm alittle afraid of my sister p___s her off and she won't talk to you for days...


piratesmermaid - January 12

Talk to her and try your d__ndest to get it!! My grandpa made my mom a doll house for her Dawn Dolls when she was 13 and now it's mine, but unfortunately we haven't had the chance to get it to our house in WY, so my little brother has been playing with it and loosing the handmade furniture and it's driveing me nuts! It has an elevator that really works (crank in the attic) and I love this dollhouse. And I'm going to give it to Gretchen when she gets a little older, so I totally understand completely where you're coming from. Talk to her, instead of saying "your boys wreck everything" perhaps go the why would boys want a dollhouse route, and tell her that you have a spot already in your house to have it on display until you have a girl. Try try try to get it!


Lisastar9 - January 12

Yup you go girl and get it.


shelly - January 12

i know how u feel lisa,i had a lovley lundby dolls house when i was little and for every birthday and xmas i got an extra flor added to it,the light switches in the house worked and it was in such detail,i adored this house then when i grew up my mum let me niece have it and kept it at my mums house when my niece was there then my sister took it for her to play with at her house,this was years ago,ive not seen it since ,my sister swears she doent know where it went,knwing her she proberly sold it on ebay lol,but i was upset if i would have had a dd instead of a ds i would have lved her to have it, yes echo what piratesmermaid said,try to get it and lock it in the attic and tell your sister its a girls toy and u want to hand it down when u have a dd.tell her if she would have had a dd it would have been different but as shes got ds s,lol does that make sense.


EMBERBABY - January 12

I don't think it's silly, talk to her and explain that the next GIRL should get it wether that is her daughter or yours.


maryl14 - January 13

talk to your dad and tell him how much you care about that house and that it has specail values to you andthat you want to pa__s it on to future gen. and make sure you explain this to your sister maybe you could mention it nicely and she would understand also mention the fact that boys dont tend to like playing with doll houses



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